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President’s significant trip to the US, historical and momentous

President’s significant trip to the US, historical and momentous

Dr. Seyed Ebrahim Raeesi, the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran will be heading to the UN general Assembly meeting soon to take part and address the international gathering.

Certainly, the organizers of this important trip will make the most of the opportunity provided but the point to remind here is the regional and the era in which the trip is taking place that will make it even more significant.

Iran is a powerful and self-relying country independent with total integrity having geopolitical and geo strategic advantages.

Iran’s view towards the east and its joining the Shanghai cooperation organization in the recent trip of the president to Uzbekistan is set as a landmark and can be regarded as a fateful moment impacting the JCPOA negotiations with the three European countries .The important issues surrounding the war on Ukraine including the energy crises and food shortages in Europe and above all the urgent need for Biden and the democrats to reach a positive and immediate agreement with Iran on the nuclear issues, are some of the key areas that adds to the importance of the president’s trip to the US and the United Nations.
The change of approaches and policies of the current government has led to radical changes in the workout at different international levels when dealing with Iran. Iran has proven that the economy and the livelihood of the people will need not tie to the expansionist and avaricious aliens.
The victory of president Raeesi in the 2021 presidential elections was an end to the imaginative views of some of the interventionists based on the dual ruling in the Islamic republic of Iran.

Today the Islamic republic of Iran will take part in the international spheres with one voice and with one mighty will and single strategy and the president’s trip to the UN will mark a new chapter within the political and international
history and relations.

Dr, Mohammad Ali Senobari
Chief editor of Negah No international press


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