Netanyahu’s Failure in the West Bank/The Unprecedented Events Still on Their Way

Netanyahu’s Failure in the West Bank/The Unprecedented Events Still on Their Way

  When Benjamin Netanyahu went to the Saturday night’s scene embraced by a tight security team and Shabak, he looked so frustrated and worried that it could be said it was the most exceptional photo frame from a helpless Israeli prime minister.

According to Negaheno report Netanyahu thought that the assault against Jenin refugee camp would repair the political structure of Israel and would stabilize the mental status of Israel, and for the society which has lost hope and confidence due to their previous defeats.

The importance of this issue relies on the fact that the Zionist community despite all other nations exercise their power and strength not through strong national background such as history, culture and all other commonalities of an integrated society, rather it is only pumped through military force.

Therefore, any small security incident can undermine their confidence and their motivation to live and that is why their elections’ motto called for intensifying violence in order to protect the Zionist community and their settlers.

Netanyahu’s reelection meant that it was the outcome of a disappointed society indulged with political unrest who were compelled to reelect him, someone whom they had experienced before rather than meaning that he really won with success.

The decisions made by the Israeli cabinet after the operation were more of the result of concern and fear rather than being adopted as a means of deterrence, in so far that they are now allowed to carry guns with them.

Now Israel that was supposed to secure its society with the wall and the concrete blocks besides its other equipment including the iron dome is now seriously involved at the heart of its geographic position.


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