Speaking with Negaheno Rodney Shakespeare said:

 Iran is a strategic impediment to Washington’s Hegemony

 Iran is a strategic impediment to Washington’s Hegemony

British senior analyst, Rodney Shakespeare is a professor of economy and member of the Christian Council for Legal Justice. He believes that Iran is a key strategic obstacle on the way of US hegemony.

Speaking with Negaheno while referring to the rise in political, economic and media pressures against Tehran he said: “The translation of all these pressures lie in the fact that Iran is a key strategic impediment to the US hegemony.

Shakespeare added that faith and religious strategies are one of the exceptional features of the revolution in Iran which makes it not to stand in the same fronts with the US.

This English senior analyst continued that the US tries to attain the following objectives by provoking Iranphobia:

1- Gaining economic profit by selling and increasing exports of arms and military equipment to the regional countries

2- Deviate public opinion worldwide and in the region as part of Tel Aviv’s programs and to create an alternative enemy

3- Engaging the abilities of the countries in trivial matters and differences

4- Paving the grounds for the emergence of terrorist groups with fabricated religious nature

 Rodney Shakespeare further said: “All these stimulants of Washington is to exert pressure to the government and the nation of Iran in order to protect the surrounding environment of Israel

 He added that the west is concerned that Tehran’s model would expand in other parts of the world as it has already been distributed in the Arab countries

Iran’s experience in the internal affairs and also foreign policies has been a successful example. The crisis in Syria and the security miscalculations of some of the countries in the region and the Intelligence services in the west are the best examples for Tehran’s predominance over the political and field processes in the region.

Referring to the US economic sanctions against Iran, he said that generally speaking the US exploits the economy and peoples’ livelihood and by use of dollar to force people and governments to surrender and this is an immoral, inhumane and illegal method within the international conventions.


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