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Key points of the Sudan Crisis/ Who Is Behind the Coup

Key points of the Sudan Crisis/ Who Is Behind the Coup

Some of the main towns in Sudan including Khartoum have been the stage for clashes between the military forces and the coup backers since Monday 15th April, 2023. Who are these Militias that have launched a coup d’état?

According to Negaheno report coup operators are a group of militia men entitled, Rapid Support Forces (RSF). Their general is called Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo who is vice-president of Sudan Sovereignty Council.
There are over 100 000 members in this militia group and are spread throughout Sudan. The group have emerged from the Janjaweed militia group.
Two decades ago, Omar Al-Bashir, former ousted president of Sudan used this group beside its army to fight against the rioters in Darfur. Janjaweeds are accused of violating widespread human rights.
The RSF and the Sudanese army have dispatched mercenaries to the war against Yemen since 2015 in order to help the Saudis and the Emiratis. It is anticipated that over 40 thousand RSF members were fighting in Yemen. This foreign intervention led to direct relations of Dagalo with some Persian Gulf countries adding to his wealth and power.

In 2017 the RSF group were recognized as an independent security force and their actions were legitimized. From its inception the military resources announced that the army general has expressed his concerns from long ago over the development of these forces and declined to accept this group as part of its forces.

In 2017 Dagalo used RSF to control the gold mines in Darfur region which made him to be one of the wealthiest men in Sudan by 2019. His brother Abdul Rahim, deputy RSF took charge of Al-Gunade company which is active in the gold mining business in Sudan.

In 2019 RSF took part in the coup that led to the toppling of Omar Al-Bashir. Later, the same year Dagalo signed a contract for dividing power which made him vice president of sovereignty council headed by Army General Abdul Fattah Al- Borhan.

The army took over Sudan in 2019 during the political crises and used RSF to suppress the civil groups. The same year over 1000 of them fled to Libya and fought for Khalifeh Haftar in the internal war.


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