English University Professor speaking with Negaheno said

 The political map of the region has changed/ there is a new regional and global alinement

 The political map of the region has changed/ there is a new regional and global alinement

 British analyst and expert in political affairs Rodney Shakespeare said that the political geography of the region in particular, surrounding Israel is undergoing a drastic change.

According to Negaheno report, speaking with Negaheno he further said that back then there was hardly any intelligence organization that would anticipate such a change.The British university professor carried on saying that the west is doing everything to draw the political map of the region based on its economic interests and political influence.

 The Sykes -Picot agreement and the Balfour declaration can be viewed from this stance. But now they are faced with a strategic defeat and prefer to determine their influential spheres in the region through proxy wars.

Referring to 7 decades occupation of Palestine and the now several challenges facing the Zionist regime he added: “Today Israel has failed to reach its stabilized and identity stage and even the European nations have disapproved this regime.”

This English analyst continued that the public opinion in Europe and around the world and even the Americans have come up with a new belief towards Israel after the 2006 war with Lebanon and the 2008 Gaza war, for prior to these events the public view in Europe and the around the world were under the influence of the western media.

The western people receive news of the Middle East and Palestine through the US and Israeli media and so they had no correct understanding of what was happening.

Referring to the weak political structure of the US specially during Joe Biden’s term and the political challenges of the Zionist regime he said: “considering the recent agreements in the region and the changes in the equation and the political literature new records are formed which are not in favor of the US.”

Rodney Shakespeare is an English analyst in political and economic affairs. He has written many books on economic theories and on Iran, Syria and Bahrain. Shakespeare is an Anti -Zionist  figure and graduate from the English Downing  college- university of Cambridge.


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