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Retreating the French way! / A look at the 90 -minute Telephone Conversation between Presidents Macron and Raisi

Retreating the French way! / A look at the 90 -minute Telephone Conversation between Presidents Macron and Raisi

French President Macron had a 90 -minute telephone conversation with Seyed Ibrahim Raisi. Emphasis on interaction with the Islamic Republic of Iran with the aim of promoting relations in various areas including lifting sanctions and dealing with regional changes as well as the urgency to continue interactions were some of the key topics of the long conversation.

According to Negaheno report in any instance of unrest that was experienced in Iran a high rate of political pressure was backed by the western countries in particular supported by France. Although The Americans are responsible for running the project of creating insecurity but France and Britain are the ones that fan the flames of unrests. In the past recent unrests in Iran Macron tried to provide the grounds for continued instability by financially and politically supporting the dissidents.In the form of a political show Emanuel Macron met with a number of the opposing leaders who encouraged violence and armed actions against Iran. Paris used an undiplomatic rhetoric against Tehran that was based on a unilateral and hostile approach but soon Macron faced a huge number of protests and internal unrest in his own country.
With a human rights gest Paris claimed to have a prescription for the liberation of Iran but it was itself tangled in the outrage of its people and fought against them in with the most brutal manner and instruments. Scenes of the police violently striking the protestors were unbelievable; violence that were used against people that were opposing the rise in the retirement age in France.
Many European countries have made grave strategic mistakes when analyzing the changes in Iran. Their illusion of Iran’s downfall was so much made to believe that they failed to realize the political realities. Their data sources for making decisions over these events were based on false media reports and from dissidents living abroad. But these days and after going through those days of unrest they are now trying to overcome their past in a blatant form of an obvious withdrawal.



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