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Saudi Foreign Minister Visits Iran/ Change of Status in the Region from Confrontation to Interaction

Saudi Foreign Minister Visits Iran/ Change of Status in the Region from Confrontation to Interaction

The two governments of Iran and Saudi Arabia have shown that Iran phobia is merely an illusion that has ruined the interests and security of both countries and the communities in the region in line with the interests of the Zionist regime and the west.

Saudi foreign minister, Faisal bin Farhan arrived in Tehran on Saturday at the head of a diplomatic delegation. This trip was the first trip of a Saudi official since the cutting off ties in 2015. After more than one year of negotiations mediated by the government of Iraq finally, the two countries agreed to repair their relations in Beijing.
The Iran- Saudi agreement transformed the relations between the two countries from confrontation to interaction. There are a series of questions to be raised in this regard:What is the extent of the relations? Is the interaction merely for solving the crisis in the region and the center of confrontation? And basically, will this interaction be able to solve the crises and the confrontations?
this change occurred after more than a decade of heavy confrontations in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen and so the question remains how would this agreement made at the top reflect at the bottom line?
Moreover, how much have the changes in the international order, decline of the West and the emergence of new centers of power in Asia affected the Saudi’s choice in particular, that Saudi has requested for membership at BRICKS and Shanghai organization?
If Saudi Arabi stands next to Iran in Shanghai and BRICKS, how would it impact their cooperation? considering the oil wealth of both Iran and Saudi Arabia in OPEC and the oil exporting countries how would their membership impact Asia’s rising stance? In particular that energy is one of the most significant factors of power in the world?Saudi Arabia is the head of a regional coalition i.e., the Persian Gulf Cooperation Council and Iran is the head of another coalition in the region, that is “the Axis of Resistance”. How would cooperation between the two countries impact the regional system? What are the interests of these two countries within the process of the agreement and the agreement followed? Finally, who are the losers from the expansion of Iran and Saudi Arabia ties?The truth is that both countries are trying to overcome problems and challenges existing between the two but it is just as natural that this process will be slow, at least in its early steps and in the short run for the walls of distrust are still tall.
Saudi Arabia is still involved in the Yemen case and this issue could be followed by the Yemeni’s reaction-as in recent days they have repeatedly called. Of course, Iran has declared that Yemen will have to decide on the type of interaction with the Saudis.
But both sides admit that their action is an important measure in expanding relations between the two countries and both hope that their interests will be secured in a maximum way.No doubt, the hegemony of the west that took over the world after World War two is now declining since the US as the head of the Hegemony of the West can no longer play a determining role neither at international nor at regional levels. So, considering the status of both Iran and Saudi Arabia as the two countries with high oil weight and leadership of two key coalitions in the region they should end their disputes that are mainly rooted in the western players and the Zionist regime in order to secure their maximum interests.
Although both countries should be fully aware and should strengthen their power levels in such a way that it would not be undermined by the new world power.
The proximity of these two powers that each have their own area of influence can provide the grounds for increasing collaboration in various areas among the regional countries and can change the conditions of the region from confrontation to interaction.


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