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Key points on the meeting between the US and Taliban authorities in Qatar

Key points on the meeting between the US and Taliban authorities in Qatar

On the verge of the 2nd year of Taliban’s coming to power, a Taliban delegation headed by Amirkhan Taqi, head of the ministry of foreign affairs met with the US delegation headed by Tom West, special representative in Afghan affairs in a two -day visit in Qatar.

According to Negaheno report the two sides released and submitted reports following the end of the meeting. It is clear that they would each reflect their own narrative in the report.

This meeting took place after several months since the last meeting of the US authority with Taliban and the beginning of these discussions should be known as the beginning of a change which would undoubtedly be followed by some outcomes. In a text released by the ministry of foreign affairs of Afghanistan it said that the meeting was held with a delegate of 15 persons from different US government administrations. Therefore, the meeting was multidimensional which included political, security, legal and economic topics.

In the report released by the Taliban ministry of foreign affairs the issues discussed included bilateral trust building, deleting the black list and sanctions, releasing Afghanistan’s currency reserves, maintaining Afghanistan’s economic stability, fighting drug trafficking, human rights issues, humanitarian aid, free commutation to Afghanistan and Afghanis’ easy access to the consular services worldwide.

In the report released by the US department of state there is a different point mentioned in that there were professional Afghani technocrats present at the meeting which was not mentioned in the Taliban report!

In the report released by the US department of state the topics mentioned included gaining trust in supporting the people of Afghanistan, deep concerns over human crisis, the need to support NGOs and UN aid institutions, change in the women’s status and education of girls ,issues related to arrests, media suppression, and religious restrictions, the economic situation in Afghanistan, the challenges facing banks, lack of using Afghanistan territory against the US and its Allies, the freedom of US citizens under arrest by Taliban and fighting drug trafficking. It appears that despite the released information there remains areas of discussion that are unfolded so far.

Key points The meeting between Taliban and US officials should be regarded in the same line of meeting between the UK and Europeans with the Taliban officials. And hence, the aim of the west meeting the Taliban is to review the policies of the west towards Taliban.The west has approached Taliban after reaching the second year of their rule. This relies on a set of interests for the west but undercover of helping the people of Afghanistan, dealing with the human rights, the rights of women and girls and other means.


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