A report stated:9 Unjustifiable Reasons for Anti -Quran Behaviors

A report stated:9 Unjustifiable Reasons for Anti -Quran Behaviors

Insulting the sanctities in general and the Holy Quran in particular, is a blatant violation of article 5 of the international human rights declaration and so, for 9 good reasons the anti -Quran behaviors in certain western countries such as Sweden and Denmark are quite unjustifiable.According to Negaheno report.

these 9 reasons are:
1) The individual freedoms should not violate the rights of others or the entire peoples. In article 5 of the human rights declaration, it is stated: “No one should go under any form of torture or punishment or oppressive, inhumane or humiliating behavior.
” So, I ask doesn’t hurting the feelings of more than 1 billion and900 million people of the world and imposing mental damage to them and humiliating the Muslims mean the same as what is stated in article 5 of the human rights declaration?
2) Based on the principle of freedom of expression, justifying such insults are inaudible. Article 19 of the human rights declaration states that anyone has the right to freedom of expression and at the same it allows all governments to limit hate expressions on race and religion.On the other hand, the human rights declaration which believes in freedom of expression as a principle and which we also agree has stressed on human dignity. It can even be stated that the idea of human dignity in the declaration is central for it initially recognizes and supports human rights.
So, while in principle 18 of the declaration based on human dignity, the rights and freedoms of individuals are reiterated, it says: “… everyone has the right to freedom of thinking, conscience and religion”, how can anyone insult the religions in the name of freedom as a prerequisite for observing human rights and freedom of expression?
Moreover, if we look into history, the problems of mankind in terms of freedom of expression were not such matters, i.e., the people of the world and even the Europeans themselves did not call for freedom of expression to easily insult religions, the sacred books and the prophets, rather they pursued freedom of expression in order to maintain human dignity, and to release themselves from totalitarianism, oppression, injustice and pain.
3) Insulting based on utilitarianism which is acceptable by many western people has no use for humanity and in turn for the Europeans themselves and it is all but a loss. In other words, it would only lead to accumulation of hatred, revenge and a complex among the followers of religions and would lead to the emergence of many fundamentalisms, revenge and social tensions even at worldwide level.
The Europeans have already experienced the fruit of hatred against religions and it is not clear why they don’t learn a lesson from their past.4) If democracy has a place in the logic of attaining freedom of expression, which global referendum or any other form of global assessment would introduce people as agreeing with such behaviors?
Even among the elites around the world such as scientists, culturalists, political leaders … the majority disagree with insulting the holy books except a very few.
5) If morality worldwide remained a common and inspiring feature of humanity which ethic would accept the unethical approach of insulting the holy books worldwide?
6)In spite of all anti -religious approaches in the world during the past centuries specially during the modern era the three religions of Christianity, Islam and Judaism have more than 4.5 billion followers worldwide (more than half the entire population) and no sane mind would agree with insulting the divine books of more than half the population of the world.
7)Today religion, faith and spirituality can play a unique and pivotal role in overcoming threats and global plights and it is unclear why under such circumstances that the world needs cooperation and synergy in order to overcome such problems as religion is an essential source of energy and can be so helpful why the governments allow for insulting religions?
8) All divine religions respect the holy books of other religions. In Islam, believing in the righteousness of the divine prophets and holy books is the condition for faith. In verse 92, chapter 16 of the Holy Quran it reads: “This book is abundant in that it approves what came before you”
9) In today’s world there is no obstacle or dead end to encountering any form of criticism minus the act of atheists and Satanists who insult religions, holy books and the prophets and if the intention is to criticize and reform the mind and behaviors of the religious people, then the insulting behaviors such as burning the holy books or illustrating shameful caricature images of the prophets is the worst method for criticism and amendment.
It appears that there are two mindsets who have shown greatest interest in insulting religions and the divine books. One is the radical extremist or extreme atheists and the second is the Zionists whose enmity with Christians and Muslims are so obvious. Nevertheless, it is surprising that despite having a considerable population of Christians, the European governments allow their national and human rights interests to be mocked by a group of extremists. So, the European leaders are encouraged to move towards peacemaking and destressing in the world and to avoid such insults in order to safeguard the freedom and dignity of human beings.


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