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Iran is After Developing a Real Image for Defending Islam

Iran is After Developing a Real Image for Defending Islam

Dr. Hesam Osman said: The speech delivered by the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran at the UNGA has introduced a historic potential for confronting the next challenges of the foreign countries in their fight against Islam.

Speaking with Negaheno, Hesam Osman by referring to the significant timing of the positioning of Iran’s president which took place after a series of grave crimes against the holy Quran and the hurting of the feelings of over 2 billion Muslims across the world said: “ No doubt the events that took place in Sweden and the Quran burning by a Swedish citizen has aroused the anger of the people worldwide and these events that are occurring in a widespread form against the holy Islam and the similar views of Al-Azhar with the viewpoints of the Islamic Republic of Iran in condemning the Quran burning is highly important.”

He added: “Based on the speech of the president of the Islamic Republic of Iran what the occupied Zionist regime is doing against the people of Palestine is completely against all the human rights principles and the US government should react towards the actions of the Zionist regime against the people of Palestine.”

He finally reminded: “The real defense should take place through Arab-Islamic cooperation with the people of Palestine so that it would help end the Zionist’s attacks in the land of Palestine.”


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