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key points of the Al-AQSA Storm operation

key points of the Al-AQSA Storm operation

The Al-AQSA operation was the heaviest blow hit by Palestine resistance group against the Zionist regime. This operation contained some key points that is noted in the report.

According to Negaheno report in the recent Palestine’s military operation there are several key points to note:

1- The Palestinians needed months of hard work and the use of over hundreds of people to conduct this extensive operation. In particular that this was taken place in a strip that was under Israeli’s heavy space information and intelligence systems and their underground spy networks. To keep the preliminary stages of this operation confidential is a great victory for the information security of the resistance groups. Palestinians have always been vulnerable from this side having lost tens of their field commanders.

2- Today’s resistance penetration into at least 13 cities and Zionist settlements requires ample collection of information and Palestine resistance must have had human input into these settlement areas. When the entire operation has been hidden from the eyes of the regime so close to Gaza is in fact another great victory for the Palestine resistance.

3- In this operation the proportion of the deaths on both sides which have always been in the interest of the Israeli regime has now changed in the interest of the Palestinians, the number of deaths for the Israeli regime have outnumbered the Palestinians in this operation and was unique. In addition to the number, most of the martyrs from the Palestinians are from the civilians in Gaza while most of the Israeli deaths are from their military forces.

4- The Palestinian side have not yet utilized all their forces in Gaza in the operation and there are over thousands of troops who are saved in the west bank who are waiting for their allies in Lebanon, Yemen, Syria and Iraq. That includes over hundreds of thousands of military forces from Iran. These groups who support Palestine will surely enter the war if needed. Whereas the Israelis are involved in the West Bank and over 70 of their military forces cannot let go of the West Bank. The northern borders of this regime are also heavily under threat from Hizbullah and the resistance forces in Syria.


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