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The ground attack to Gaza is “a mental war”; the resistance is prepared for every scenario

The ground attack to Gaza is “a mental war”; the resistance is prepared for every scenario

Palestinian writer and political analyst, Ahmad Abu Zahri speaking with Negaheno stating that we have to rely on the movement of the Arab -Islamic nations against the Zionist regime rather than the governments said: “The Izzedine Ghassam battalion has many options for encountering the current situation.”

According to Negaheno report the Al-Aqsa storm operation which was launched on 7th October and continues maintained unique achievements on the way of legitimate defense for the Palestinians in their lands and the sanctities against the occupying regime. For this reason, in an interview with Palestinian writer and political analyst, Ahmad Abu Zahri, Negaheno is dealing with the various dimensions of this heroic operation against the Zionist enemy and the follow up of that incident.

Referring to the fact that the balance is now in the interest of the Palestine resistance groups Abu Zahri emphasized that we must wait for the movement and the uprising of Arab- Islamic nations and should avoid any hope from the side of those governments that are assumed for protecting the colonial interests in the region.

The vicious efforts of the enemy for retrieving its deterring power
By examining the goals of the Zionist enemy that targets the densely populated areas this writer explained: “The bombing of houses and targeting the civilians is nothing new and is a repetition of what happened in the past in every previous war against the Gaza strip.

“The enemy relies on this brutal method in order to bring maximum pressure on the resistance groups and to push them to surrender so to punish the people in the Gaza strip for their defense made by the resistance and their active participation in supporting the resistance.

This is a cruel effort for retrieving the deterring power and to draw an image of victory in the internal borders of Israel which is completely broken down as well as to repair Israel’s image for its regional and international allies.”

Referring to the attempts that have to be undertaken in the current situation Abu Zahri said: “We have to give the citizens reassurance and hope and by providing them with help and assistance we have to help them with shelter for those who have lost their homes and prevent any form of lies and misinformation.”

Speaking of the waves of propaganda made by occupiers regarding the latest events he said: “The speaker of the occupying army has given a bold detail of retaliating the Hamas attempts as a great achievement through their air force , however, different media have revealed their lies and disgraced them before the public opinion and have shown the atrocious crimes of this regime that has targeted the innocent civilians and the killing of the women and children and the elderly, and the destruction of service centers. This has made the Zionist regime to target journalists and press workers for this regime fears the display of its real image and does not want the message of the Palestinians reach the world and to show the truth.”

Deploying psychological methods
Abu Zahri added: “Threatening to launch a ground attack is a merciless effort for putting the resistance under pressure and to deploy mental war methods against the citizens of the Gaza strip and to pacify the internal fronts in Israel and a run forward to save themselves from the marshlands of defeat within the internal fronts.
“The enemy knows very well that the ground attack is not a joke and will have a heavy cost which will create a golden opportunity for the resistance and a rise in the number of deaths, prisoners and booties.”
Regarding the success and victory of the Al-Aqsa Storm operation Abu Zahri said: “Israel’s defensives which are the most advanced in the world failed to work in the very first hours of the attack and tens and even hundreds of the military forces and settlers were killed and tens of them were captivated. The enemy’s positions were destroyed and their military vehicles, their equipment and the arms were taken.

The Ghassam fighters though few in number continue to have control over a wide area within the settlements. So, will this army have the power to enter into Gaza for a final battle?”

The resistance is ready to encounter all forms of scenarios
By referring to the predicting scenarios and the preparedness of the resistance to encounter them Abu Zahri said: “Palestinian resistance led by Ghassam battalion will adopt all forms of predictions for any actions (land and sea)”.


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