Iran and Azerbaijan Amity/ Has Israel’s Efforts Failed

Iran and Azerbaijan Amity/ Has Israel’s Efforts Failed

In a reaction to the speech of US deputy secretary of state Baku announced that having agreement with Iran is the right of this country and the US is not a country in the region that could exert damage regarding the security of the transportation through his statement.

According to Negaheno report the US senate has halted its military aid to Azerbaijan in line with the law that supports Armenia. This law can be regarded as a turning point in the US foreign policies in the region which has a key role in bringing Iran and Azerbaijan closer than before.

On the other hand, some Iranians believe that in case the war extends in Gaza Tel Aviv may exert pressure on Baku and in this way the security of Iran’s northern borders might be challenged.

Despite ratification of the law by the US senate forbidding to sell arms to Baku the republic of Azerbaijan will be drawn to Iran more than before through the policy of proximity and in turn less ties with Israel. Although, considering the deep and strong ties between Baku and Tel Aviv including in the areas of security and military it is less likely that Azerbaijan would move toward cutting political ties with Israel or even reducing energy exportation to this regime.
Moreover, the good relations with Azerbaijan are highly important for the Zionist regime and in case of any clashes with the Hezbollah in Lebanon, Israel will try to benefit from Azerbaijan by creating insecurity in the northern region of Iran and through Azerbaijan’s collaboration it would make Iran’s northern areas unsafe.

Some experts believe that the transfer of Iran’s nuclear documents and even the Shah Cheragh incident took place through the northern borders of Iran and Israel’s infiltration.

Despite close ties between Azerbaijan and Israel in the past years Baku leaders have realized the sensitive situation of the region and avoid any form of direct or indirect clash with Iran and so one can say that the Zionists have failed to open a new front in the Karabakh region for inflicting a strike against Iran and their plans have been defeated.

Another point to remind here is that Azerbaijan is well aware of Russia’s extensive power in the Caucasian region and knows well that it cannot rely on the US and the West and should save its ties with Turkey, Russia and Iran and should interact with them. Also, the proximity of Armenia to the US would distance Azerbaijan from the US and would move Baku towards Tehran effectively.


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