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An analysis on the IRGC Action in Targeting MOSSAD Base

An analysis on the IRGC Action in Targeting MOSSAD Base

The IRGC (Iran’s Revolutionary Guards Corps) action in attacking the MOSSAD base in Erbil has several points to consider which is dealt with in the following report.

According to Negaheno report The Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps has targeted MOSSAD base in Erbil last night.

Al-Mayadin wrote: “Iran has targeted the training base of Khorrasan DAESH (ISIS) forces. These forces have gone to Afghanistan through the US assistance and from there they are transferred into Iran.”

In the Iran’s attack super, accurate ballistic missiles were used that could accurately target the Turkistan terrorist- Takfiri bases that were located in Jebel -Al-Samagh near Haram settlement.

With this attack the following points can be raised:

– The attack was part of a fair counter attack implemented by the Islamic Republic against those undermining the national security

– The Islamic Republic of Iran is powerful and who so ever intends to undermine the security of Iran will be hard hit. This is a legitimate and lawful right of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

– The action was a compound action: the Islamic Republic of Iran with its top intelligence strength has identified key locations of the enemy and targeted them with precise missile and drone attacks.

– Unlike the enemy that targeted civilians in Kerman when failing to confront the united resistance stream within the military areas, the action was a targeted operation. The Islamic Republic of Iran targeted military intelligence elements of the enemy.

– The resistance stream is united and has put Israel under siege; Israel has not reached any of its targets and its defeat is certain.


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