Israel is Defeated in the War on the Narratives

Israel is Defeated in the War on the Narratives

The editor of Lebanese journal “Al-Banna” and senior analyst Nasser Kandil referring to the media activities in reflecting the realities since the Al-Aqsa Storm operation said: “The reality is that the Zionist regime is defeated in collecting public opinion despite having a large volume of media but it has not succeeded.”

According to Negaheno report Nasser Kandil said: “When we talk of media victory in the Al-Aqsa storm operation it is based on facts and index.
“The media have taken the initiative and have stood fast against media fabrications and distortions and this is exactly the point that has defeated the Zionist regime which has always opened a special front when involved in political and field conflicts.”
He added that Israel imagines that by collecting the public opinion such as its past experiences it can avoid its crimes and disgraceful acts but this did not happen this time.”
Referring to the fact that this time a change in the view and truth of the war in Gaza has occurred commented: “Today the world has reached this belief and knows that the people of Palestine are right. The rallies in different countries have proven this and so the governments have now changed their views and one can say that Israel is defeated in the narratives on war.”
He further said: “Who so ever wins in the narratives on war will take hold of time and the one who is defeated time will be to its harm and will be forced to end the war.”
This Lebanese analyst continued: “The war on narratives shows that the public opinion is dominant over this war therefore, the war on narratives has managed to change the present equation and so the war in Gaza has created a new side called time and I believe it to be the general of the war and so when the general enters the war it will determine the outcome.”


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