Why are the elections in Iran sensitive and significant

Why are the elections in Iran sensitive and significant

Since the victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran there has always been one important common factor in all the political, social and cultural processes.

According to Negaheno report this factor is called maximum participation in the political processes, national events and public supports. But why is holding such a political process such as the elections so highly significant and effective in the post revolution Iran.

Firstly, unlike other definitions on revolution in other parts of the world the Islamic revolution in Iran was not limited within its geographical boundaries as it contains an extraterritorial and effective discourse that has displayed its evolution and emergence since 1987 within the regional changes.

 The revolution in Iran continues to stand as a setback and an influential obstacle against global powers. The revolution in Iran has created important changes in the political geography of the region and has prevented the widespread disintegration in West Asia.

The road map of the Islamic Republic of Iran prior and after the revolution was founded and focused on strategic principles of supporting the national causes around the world in particular, the cause of Palestine.

Hence, since the victory of the Islamic revolution in Iran all efforts were made to prevent the revolution in Iran in becoming a successful model for the regional nations. It can be said that the maximum participation by the people in any form of political process including the elections plays an important role not only in improving and organizing the internal affairs but it also conveys many different messages to the outside borders both addressing the friends and foes of the resistance discourse in a way that this participation has constantly played an important role in influencing the regional variables and also creating important changes. When we accept that Tehran is the spearhead of the Islamic resistance discourse in the region in particular, on Palestine and this maximum participation takes place, then any form of approaches by Tehran would be availed with more powerful stance in the foreign policies in changing the rules with effectiveness.


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