Dugin speaking with Negaheno said

The Multi -Polar World is Synergized by Countries that are against Unilateralism

The Multi -Polar World is Synergized by Countries that are against Unilateralism

In a meeting with the head of Negaheno strategic studies center, renowned Russian theoretician, Alexander Dugin emphasized on the importance of multilateral world that is synergized by countries that are against unilateralism.

According to Negaheno report during a short and friendly yet strategic meeting that was held on the sideline of the second international conference on supporters of multilateral world in Moscow, Russia, Mohammad Ali Senobari , head of the Negaheno strategic studies center appreciated Putin’s and Kremlin’s efforts for playing a constructive and positive role in creating solidarity and cooperation with Palestinian groups and said: “The US is in charge of hardware and software management of the crimes perpetuated by the Zionist regime against the people of Palestine and is ethically not qualified to claim for managing the world and hosting humanitarian organizations as well as the United Nations organization .

Alexander Dugin also stated: “Our ideas and beliefs are really close and almost in the same line as yours; we are against the Palestinian genocide in Gaza that is committed by Netanyahu, we are also  against famine and forced hunger imposed in Gaza and also disapprove the current global management system.”


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