Lebanese analyst speaking with Negaheno said

Western and Arabic Interventions are the Main Factors for Instability and Political Absence in Lebanon

Western and Arabic Interventions are the Main Factors for Instability and Political Absence in Lebanon

Lebanese senior analyst Faisal Abdul- Satir speaking with Negaheno stated:The Western and Arabic intervention is the major factor for instability and political absence in Lebanon.

According to Negaheno report Faisal Abdul Satir is a Lebanese analyst. He has since many years ago been active in the area of social networking and has commentated on the main issues of Lebanon in terms of internal affairs and those related to abroad. Abdul- Satir is one of the Lebanese analysts who is active in social networks and has continued to express the realities of Lebanon regardless of its political direction and stance.

Referring to the historical experiences of Lebanon and the continuous foreign interventions that prevented a political stability he remarked: “Since the withdrawal of the Syrian forces from Lebanon the Lebanese have failed to form a government like the period when these forces were present.” This Lebanese analyst is referring to the Taif agreement that was signed between Lebanon and Syria with the aim of securing stability and providing security and preventing internal conflicts.

He further stated that despite all efforts for forming a convergence and political stability in Lebanon by the axis of resistance and the moderate political mainstream but after the 2006 war and the Doha agreement in 2008 and later after the invasion of Syria in 2011 these disputes were aggravated in so far that reached its climax between the years 2016 to 2021.

The Lebanese analyst continued that the main motivation of the West and some Arab countries for destabilizing Lebanon is solely for the sake of maintaining the interests of the Zionist regime.

He added: “By assassinating Rafiq Hariri and accusing Syria and the resistance they tried to make Lebanon’s case an international issue and, in this way, to legalize and legitimize their interference within the internal affairs of Lebanon.”

Faisal Abdul Satir said: “Today the resistance in Lebanon is working as a strong and supplementary link and this is the very point for all the threats imposed by the foreign efforts for political destabilization followed by lack of political establishment.”


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