Speaking with Negaheno George Kordahi said:

The Zionist Regime Can No Longer Deceive Global Public Opinion

The Zionist Regime Can No Longer Deceive Global Public Opinion

The renowned presenter from the Arab world George Kordahi and the former information minister of Lebanon speaking with Negaheno said: “The Zionist regime can no longer deceive the public opinion around the world.”

According to Negaheno report George Kordahi is a famous T.V. presenter, media activist and Lebanese correspondent. In 2021 he was appointed as the information minister for the cabinet of Najib Mikati in Lebanon and received vote of confidence from the parliament.

Kordahi is a graduate in law and political sciences from the Lebanon university and began his media activities in the Lebanon television broadcast.

George Kordahi, the former Lebanon information minister was forced to resign as a protest to the political and military approach of the Saudi Arabia in Yemen several years ago.

 He is currently a presenter for a highlighted TV program for the holy month of Ramadan. Kordahi has also experienced working as a TV presenter in several Arabic speaking networks.

Referring to the dual standards led by the West and also the Arab countries in their interaction with the Islamic world on different issues in particular the issue of Palestine and Gaza he has remarked: “It is quite clear that there is absolutely no benevolence or goodwill by the Arab and western organizations for defending the human rights.

“When I said the war on Yemen is futile all the ambassadors of the Arab countries were recalled from Lebanon.

“Now my question is why don’t they recall their ambassadors from Tel Aviv?”

He went on: “… today all the media efforts around the world to misrepresent the realities in Palestine and in Gaza have been futile for the Zionist regime can no longer deceive the public opinion.”



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