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A New Conceptualization of the Resistance Front at World Level

A New Conceptualization of the Resistance Front at World Level

Director of Negaheno future -looking and strategic studies center believes that the Universal Qods day is on the verge of transforming into a determining moment in narrating the resistance.

This will provide an opportunity for the people across the world to join together in a parade of solidarity that is far beyond geographical, cultural and religious boundaries.

According to Negaheno report Director of Negaheno future- looking and strategic studies center Mohammad Ali Senobari in his note that was shared with ISNA dealt with the international Qods day said: “The universal Qods day has emerged as a strong symbol of global unity and support of those who are standing against oppression and who are fighting for their rights and basic values.”

The Note reads: Each year the universal Qods day is highlighted not only as a day in the calendar but as a light for challenging the occupation of the Zionist regime. This day was an initiative introduced by the late Imam Khomeini in 1979 as a day beyond its primary goals that shouts universally for justice and solidarity with the cause of Palestine.

Moreover, the genocide committed against the people of Palestine in Gaza will make this year’s Qods day more urgent and even more symbolic.

The significance of the universal Qods day is beyond a reminding. This year it has to call out with loud voices and to absorb various voices around the world as a means for solidarity with the people of Palestine who for over 75 years are in total suffering. This has to emphasize not only on the role of Qods as a city but also as a symbol of struggle and resistance of the people of Palestine under the occupation.

As the preparations are speeding up for this universal Qods day its importance is highlighted by the current war against the people of Gaza, there is a rise in the urgent need to pay attention to the horrific situation in Palestine and the need to mobilize support through planned protests at global level.

The trend in the changes and stability of the axis of resistance in the thoughts and fighting at global level has inspired people looking for freedom. The resistance (in all its fronts) has emerged as an undeniable way for emancipation. This widespread awakening is clearly obvious through support of Palestine through protests and rallies throughout the world.

The universal Qods day has highlighted this unity and has shown a key moment of synergy between the Islamic societies and beyond them in the Islamic and non- Islamic countries.

To commemorate this day is beyond tradition. This is a moral, religious and humane duty that highlights the importance of Beitull-Moghadass (Jerusalem) and Gaza within the conscience of Muslims and non- Muslims in an even way.

The axis of resistance is the symbol of a wider movement that encompasses humanity, freedom and resistance against oppression. This is a widespread protest for those who defend justice and dignity and who go beyond any geographical, religious and class boundaries. The stance of millions of people who take part on the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan is quite clear for supporting the cause of Palestine and Gaza against the criminals of Israel.

Fighting for humanity and dignity is not only limited to the military and war field dimension. This is a fight that has taken different forms including words and actions. Whether through the power of pen or the impact of message, the creativity of caricatures, music or solidarity in the marches of millions of people. Any form of support will play a determining role in standing against the Zionist enemy.

Likewise, those who fight with their weapons against the killers, terrorists and occupiers in the front lines are showing their ultimate commitment towards this goal.

Fighting for the freedom of Palestine is a multilateral battle that bring together people from different walks of life so to help them in their unique way.

 In the fight for justice and human dignity, any voice and display of solidarity represe

nts a collective will for standing against oppression.

Historically, the nature of the western geopolitical display has long followed the principle of “divide and rule”. A tactic for breaking the unity of people and ease of controlling, management and colonialization of territories and their resources. But this strategy is defeated to some extent due to the emergence of the axis of resistance and the supporting people of this axis who today are acting in a coordinated form for fighting against the colonial powers and the Zionists’ off springs .

The axis is working clearly backed by the unique support of people through an unheard level of cooperation, coordination and solidarity especially in the heart of Beitull-Moghadass for all the Muslims and solidarity with Gaza against the genocide and the brutal attacks of Israel.

The opening of new frontlines in support of Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq and Syria is a key change in the regional geopolitical perspective that shows the active participation of the axis of resistance against the policies of Israel and the US in the region.

The actions of the axis of resistance reflects a prudent and coordinated effort not only for challenging the existing situation but also to place the cause of Palestine as a primary goal at regional and international level.

The aim of this approach is to guarantee that any future potential attack by the US and Israel in the region should consider increasing the level of preparedness and the widespread consequences of confronting a unified military front and people’s resistance. Today, on the Universal Qods day an important event is to take place with millions of people from across the world who are preparing to support the resistance movement in Palestine, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Iran. This movement is the symbol of fighting for freedom and to fight for honor, dignity and defending the holy land.

Finally, the universal Qods day is not simply a temporary gathering but it is the living demonstration of global solidarity with the principles of resistance against occupation and attack. This large gathering highlights the importance of unity in the face of efforts for creating discord. Supporting the cause of Palestine is not short lived but is a form of constant statement of showing respect to the resistance and its efforts to protect the principles of honor and sovereignty.


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