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Israel Attacks Diplomatic Stations to Take Revenge Over Its Failures

Israel Attacks Diplomatic Stations to Take Revenge Over Its Failures

 Director of Qods international institute, Khalaf Al- Miftah, speaking about the Zionist regime attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus said: “Israel is taking revenge of its failures by attacking diplomatic stations.”

According to Negaheno report yesterday evening the Zionist regime army conducted an air attack on Damascus and targeted Iran consulate building. The entire building was demolished. This building was adjacent to Iran’s embassy building in the Al-Mazzeh region in Damascus. The Sepah Pasadaran(Guards Corps) declared that 7 of its senior members including 2 commanders were martyred.

Reminding on the Zionist regime failure in the field, in the diplomatic level and by the public opinion, Director of Qods international institute, Khalaf Al Miftah, said that Israel is trying to overcome its heavy defeats in the political, diplomatic and within the public opinion by attacking the diplomatic stations of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

 He also referred to this important point that these attacks took place a few days after the important meetings of the Hamas Islamic resistance and Palestine leaders in Tehran that shows that the Zionist regime is concerned of its situation and also worried of its future field and political situation in the turbulent Gaza.

He further said that the equation in Gaza has not taken the way that the Zionist regime had anticipated and Netanyahu himself is trying to expand the clashes to outside the occupied lands in order to guarantee its political existence. In particular, that there are sayings about the mediation of some Arab countries for a start of a ceasefire in Gaza.

Nonetheless, the internal pressures of the Zionist community against Netanyahu and the political structure continues in particular that the families of the Israeli prisoners continue to remain outside in the streets and carry on with their protests.


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