Turkey dam construction, an economic plan or a political project / behind the scenes of Middle East water tension

Turkey dam construction, an economic plan or a political project / behind the scenes of Middle East water tension

Objective projects, such as dam projects in Turkey, are a hostile attempt against life in the Middle East, countries such as Iraq and Syria, will undergo deadly pressures of dehydration.

The Middle East region is special in various ways.In fact, the predominantly hot and dry climate has created special conditions in environment and especially water resources.

Most Middle Eastern countries have an average rainfall below the global average and an average evaporation above the global average. These parameters have put this region in a special circumstances regarding providing the necessary water resources for its inhabitants.

Rising water tensions and widespread droughts caused by climate change, along with wrong decisions and mismanagement in water resources, have put the health and lives of many residents of the region at risk. In addition to these factors, the implementation of objective projects such as the Turkish dam super-projects are a hostile attempt to make life in countries such as Iraq, Syria and parts of Iran experience the deadly pressure of dehydration.

The Middle East is also known for its vast and protracted wars.
Wars which, have left devastating effects in addition to inflicting countless casualties on men and women, young and old, and children, and will continue to leave for decades.
An example can be the destruction of drinking water supply and distribution infrastructure in war-torn countries such as Syria, Iraq and occupied Palestine.

The Muslims make up the largest population in the Middle East and on the other hand have suffered the most losses and casualties as a result of the imposed wars.
Today they are facing a completely different and complex conspiracy than before from Israel, their sworn enemy.

Over the past two decades, especially in recent years, Israeli companies have made increasing efforts to technically and financially participate in the execution of civil projects related to water resources in the region, especially in Turkey.

However recently, the Israeli technology companies have donated and installed water supply equipment and facilities, sourcing water from unconventional sources such as air, in order to infiltrating the masses of people who are largely deprived of access to safe drinking water in the Middle East.

In this regard, we can mention the extensive activities of Watergen Company in Khan Yunis in the south of the Gaza Strip, as well as in the Raqqa region of Syria. Meanwhile, the Gaza Strip is suffering heavily from difficulty in sourcing drinking water due to the siege of the occupying regime in Jerusalem, and this paradox is absurd and at the same time thought-provoking


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