Syrian Analyst, Khalaf AlMeftah described;

Challenges Surrounding Israel and the US Strategic Confusion

Challenges Surrounding Israel and the US Strategic Confusion

*Referring to the recent behaviors and approaches of the Zionist regime and the recent attacks to the city of Aleppo, Khalaf Al Meftah, the Syrian analyst and director of Qods International Institute said that Israel has taken a reactionary stance* .

Speaking to Negah No reporter in Syria he added: “There is a new equation in the region which has puzzled Israel and the US in dealing with the events and new equations in the region in particular, in dealing with the resistance movement.
Referring to the current changes in the region and the Ukraine crisis and the challenges and problems facing Europe, former Syrian deputy minister for information added: “Biden’s security team and strategists of the US administration have failed to take a proper decision with regards to the new equations as they have been unable to have an adequate evaluation before prompting for an action.
He continued: “From one side Biden is faced with internal challenges in the US including economic problems and the issue of immigrants and from another side he is dealing with new challenges in the region, one is lack of security for the Zionist regime and the energy crisis in Europe to name a few.
Khalaf Al-Meftah said that these crises together with a set of spiral and political defeats by the Zionist regime has forced Tel Aviv to launch attacks for the sake of internal consumption and to improve its political status and its brittle structure.


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