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:The Russia-USA ties; would the cold war continue or the tensions will be over and disputes resolved?

:The Russia-USA ties; would the cold war continue or the tensions will be over and disputes resolved?

The Russia and USA ties has witnessed various fluctuations and challenges in particular, after the cold war and now in the midst of Ukraine war and the severe disputes there are signs of improvements in the relations.

According to Negaheno report, the experts on political issues define cold war as a dispute among the nations without direct military activity or economic, political, social, propaganda, intelligence or even proxy war, a definition that can clearly be seen within the present format with regards to the relation between Russia and USA.For example, last week the USA imposed sanctions on over 50 individuals, institutions and Russian airplane as part of its sanctions against Russia.
Imposing such sanctions is at a time when Jannette Yellen, The US Secretary of federal reserve in her side talks of G20 meeting in Indonesia said that some of the sanctions against Russia would remain even after peace agreement with Ukraine.So, the widespread sanctions against Russia in the form of individuals, companies, banks and even confiscating properties of Russian citizens in other parts of the world, helping military and material aid to Kiev as the counterpart in the war and offering war information and military training to the forces in Ukraine are all some of the factors that analysts refer to when describing the dominant system over Moscow -Washington relations. In this regard, we can refer to the speech delivered by the Russia ambassador to the US on 1st June, 2022 who mentioned the Washington -Moscow relations have reached its lowest and most critical level.According to Anatoly Antonov the US -Russia ties has reached its critical point at this time and the bilateral dialogues are at their lowest levels.Antonov stressed that the interactions between Russia and the US will play a pivotal role in guaranteeing the global security serving the interests of the international communities; an issue that signals improvement in recent weeks in the relations.
The significant of the issueThe first pulses based on the level of interactions between Washington and Moscow shows a shift in their improvement seen in the beginning of the current month as stated by a US official. On condition of anonymity, he told Reuters on 24th October that the chiefs of both US and Russia’s joint military forces had a telephone call.He declined to give further information as to the details of the dialogue between Mike Milly, Chief of US joint military Headquarters and Valerie Gerasimov, the Russian counterpart but the news was followed by many analyses on what it might be probable to take place.Despite the situation, this time on 7th November the Bloomberg news network reported that the Biden administration had quietly requested the US banks to save its relations with some of the Russian companies despite the sanctions.The report also added that the US federal reserve and the secretary of states has requested the large US banks such as JP Morgan and Citi Group to continue their business with some of the Russian companies due to strategic reasons.
Perhaps it was within the same framework that on November 4th another signal was sent by the Russia Ambassador in Washington and announced that Russia is seeking to free more of its citizens in an exchange with the US prisoners.Regarding the progress in their talks over the exchange he said: “I would like to reemphasize that the most important matter for us is to see the return of a number of Russian citizens home from the US dungeons.”He added: “The talks between the two leaders continues and I think we should give time to our colleagues to have access to the results.”But that was not all for, last Friday on 18th November, Turkey’s president revealed a meeting between the chiefs of Russia -US Intelligence services in Ankara, an important issue that was to report of a change in the factors underlying the US Russia ties.Meanwhile, Erdogan held a telephone talk with Vladimir Puti Meanwhile, Erdogan held a telephone talk with Vladimir Putin last Friday and said that the two US -Russia chiefs had reassured that they will not use nuclear weapons .
Turkey’s president stressed that the extension of conflict between Russia and Ukraine would only add to the dangers so reviving diplomatic negotiations are highly significant.Based on the report the Russia -US intelligence chiefs met at Turkey’s National intelligence service headquarters in Ankara and during their visit they talked on the threats that affected the international security including the probable use of nuclear weapons.Moreover, for better understanding of the dominant conditions over Russia – Washington ties we could refer to the 18th November speech delivered by Russia’s deputy minister of foreign affairs when nearing the meeting of Russia- Us representatives in Cairo who did not refuse the restriction of nuclear weapons and the probability of more negotiations between the high- ranking officials of both countries on the strategic stability.Sergey Ryabkov who had earlier mentioned there is no topic to discuss with the US over Ukraine, this time he said that in case the US express their inclination and readiness we will not give negative response.The Russia -US officials are to meet from 29th November to 6th December to discuss the new agreement for reducing the use of nuclear weapons in Cairo.
Evaluation Some analysts referring to the mentioned factors, anticipate that the meeting between Russia- US presidents would probably improve the dominant conditions over the world order in particular, for reducing tensions over Ukraine.Similarly, the experts on international relations stress that the development of banking relations, the meeting of the chiefs of intelligence services, the exchange of prisoners and the probable meeting of the high- ranking officials of Russia -US will all form the puzzle pieces which would anticipate the improvements between the relations with the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Jo Biden.


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