former Lebanese foreign minister speaking with Negaheno said

A Destabilized Lebanon is theBest Option for the US

A Destabilized Lebanon is theBest Option for the US

While Lebanon is facing serious political, economic and social crises due to political and economic tensions from the US, backed by the Saudis, it appears that Washington is planning to leave this country with unrest.

According to Negaheno report, Barbara Leaf, US assistant secretary of State in the Near East who took part at a meeting held by Wilson think tank center entitled, “the US policies on Lebanon” said that there are all possibilities for the future of Lebanon including a complete extermination of the government. She added may be the Lebanese should have to tolerate more pain prior to the establishment of the government.

 Leaf said further: “I see several scenarios; the worst is the countries breakdown which is the worst, perhaps the security and military forces would lose their control over the regions and collective immigration would occur and the parliament representatives of Lebanon would pack up and escape to Europe.”

By referring to the political situation in Lebanon she said: “The duty of the political diplomats is not going to the parliament and exerting pressure to elect a president. I think the situation should get worse so that the representatives would really feel a push by the public, we will push the political authorities but nothing is like the public push which will occur sooner or later.”

Dr. Adnan Mansour, the Lebanese former foreign minister speaking with Negaheno on the latest political events in Lebanon and the region said, “Destabilizing Lebanon and the region is one of the most important scenarios of US in the region in particular, now that the region is unsafe for the Zionist regime and Israel is facing many serious economic and political challenges and identity crisis.”

He continued that the political geography of Lebanon is in such a way that it is a strategic target for Israel and that is why a destabilized Lebanon is the best option for Israel and the West. Some of the Arab countries are also a serious obstacle for the establishment of the government.

Previously, there were efforts to push the Syrian crisis into Lebanon in order to provide the grounds for its insecurity.

On the resistance group he said that the concept of resistance is a dominant dialogue, having the prowess of influence and the power to change the rules and impose new equations.


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