A New Chapter in the Iran-UAE Relations Post Tehran-Riyadh Agreement

A New Chapter in the Iran-UAE Relations Post Tehran-Riyadh Agreement

Secretary of National Security Council, Ali Shamkhani visited Abu Dhabi on Thursday at a head of a delegation in a response to the invitation of his counterpart, meeting the officials of the country.

According to Negaheno report in his trip to UAE in addition to negotiations with his Emirati counterparts he also met with the officials of the country and talked on bilateral, regional and international issues. He was also accompanied by high-ranking authorities in economy, banking and security affairs.What is to consider with regards to the reason for this trip is that although the relations between the two countries have had its ups and downs but it has never been cut off and so it can be said that this trip is another step by both sides for developing their relations. This trip is not due to the renewal of Iran -Saudi Arabia ties hosted by China but it can be evaluated following interactions with the neighboring countries.

The truth is that when America fled Afghanistan and when its approach towards the Europeans over Ukraine strengthened the option of mistrust towards this country among its western allies, it is just as justifiable to see the Arab countries to move towards developing relations with Russia and China within the same framework.

Meanwhile, the conciliation process of some countries such as Bahrain, UAE, Morocco, and Sudan have ultimately yielded no results for it is clear to all that the foundations of the Zionist regime is far weaker and it appears to be on the verge of collapse. Likewise, the rational approach of distancing from unilateral ties with the west and the Zionist regime has taken its stance within the Arab countries relations, which is emphasized by the visit of the Arab parliamentary delegation to Damascus and the renewal of relations of many Arab countries with Syria even by those who were against it for many years all highlight on regional convergence led by Iran.

The important point regarding Iran and regional relations is stressing on promoting the level of ties from economic and political levels to security level and considering the US likely decision to leave the region, it makes it even more significant.Certain obligations have paved the way for forming relations between Iran and regional countries such as Saudi -Arabia, UAE and Iraq led by the national security council indicating deeper relations among the regional countries which besides other diplomacy and economic factors of these countries it would ensure a sustainable security in the region without foreign interventions in the regional affairs


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