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ISIS Terrorist Threat in Afghanistan

ISIS Terrorist Threat in Afghanistan

After Taliban’s taking over, the ISIS terrorist group have conducted many terrorist attacks which resulted in the killing and injuring of thousands of people as the main factor for insecurity in Afghanistan.

According to Negaheno report following concerns of Russia’s national security advisor at Shanghai meeting who said that the situation in Afghanistan is not only chaotic but also it has caused dangers for the security of countries who are members of Shanghai cooperation organization, some of the ruling members have said that Afghanization is a threat against no country and no country should have any concerns because the entire geographical territories of Afghanistan is properly taken care of by the security forces who prevent all forms of security contravention.

After Taliban came to power ISIS conducted many terrorist attacks leading to the killing and injuring of thousands of people as the main perpetrators of insecurity in Afghanistan. Taliban failed to provide full security and it is just as natural for member countries of Shanghai cooperation organization to feel concerned. For so far, the Russian embassy, the Pakistani embassy and a Chinese restaurant in Kabul have been attacked by ISIS and Tajikistan and Uzbekistan have been bombarded by this group from Afghanistan.

Nevertheless, it would be better to form interaction and collaboration together through a regional mobilization for destroying ISIS rather than mounting concerns or resorting to total denial.In fact, it is better to find solution before it would be too late and this would be the best opportunity for the regional countries to destroy this greatest threat against the regional security in a prompt way.

The following points are to be considered:1) ISIS is the main perpetrator of insecurity in Afghanistan2) All the existing opportunities and equipment of the regional countries should be mobilized in order to take down ISIS and to prevent the emergence of new geography by using Iran’s successful experiences in fighting ISIS and terrorism.3) ISIS is a Western project and this terrorist group is made to target the interests of the countries in the region


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