A senior US journalist said:

The West is After a Change in the Political Equations/ Behind the Scene of Recent Quran Burning

The West is After a Change in the Political Equations/ Behind the Scene of Recent Quran Burning

The famous writer and senior editor of the Veterans Today journal, Gordon Duff, said that not as a political geography but as an intellectual stream the west is pursuing to change the ethical concept and the political equations in the region and the world.

According to Negaheno report the writer stated: “The west stands behind the fast changes in the global equations.” Referring to the global move towards unilateralism, he said that the world is reaching the point where it is liberating from the US unilateralism and this is the point that is seriously worrying the west.This US journalist carried on referring to insulting the holy book of Muslims and said: “The recent issues in Sweden and Denmark should not be limited to the personal behavior of a few people towards the holy book of Muslims but it is something beyond that.”Gordon Duff added: “I believe there is a joint Israeli- western project behind the scene that of course the people of Europe are quite against.
He added: “The widespread tendency of the Europeans towards Islam as a result of the defeat of Liberalism and the type of sovereignty followed per se is one of the reasons in particular that evaluations show that the Muslim population in Europe will increase in the near future and it will pose a threat to the population composition of Europe.
“On the other hand, one should say some of the power streams in Israel are trying to divert the world public opinion from the violent behaviors of the Tel Aviv and also to conceal the existing internal challenges in Israel. “One of the major objectives is to create discord and to destigmatizing insulting the holy books including the Holy Quran , the Bible and the old Testament which are also part of the key objectives they are following.”


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