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The US Pays the Bills for Israel /The American Students Uprisal Will Turn Global

The US Pays the Bills for Israel /The American Students Uprisal Will Turn Global

British politician and former member of parliament George Galloway speaking with Negaheno stating that the US pays all the bills for Israel said: “The American students uprisal will become global.

According to Negaheno report George Galloway (born 16th August 1954) is a British politician and former member of parliament from 1987 to 2010 and again from 2012 to 2015. He was also the TV presenter of a program called the Real Deal and Comment of the Press TV. He left the Labor Party in 2003. In 2004 he initiated a party called Respect Party and from 2013 is officially the leader of the party.

George Galloway who is an old left wing party British politician and one who supported Gaza as part of his key election campaigns won in the 2024 by -election of the Rochdale town near Manchester. This British politician by criticizing the ruling conservative party and the labor party who support Israel managed to gain support of many Muslims of the Rochdale town.

Galloway managed to enter the parliament for the 7th time. His victory stressed on the British opinions over the war in Gaza.

According to the British website called “Declassified UK” Galloway’s supporters have been more active due to his disagreement with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the genocide in Gaza for people voted against the moral issues of the Genocide by taking part in elections.

In his short dialogue with Negaheno by referring to the modern brutal approach of the Zionist regime in Gaza he said that Israel is unable to do the smallest things without the US support and in fact the US pays all the bills for Israel.

He added that the US and Israel have threatened the entire world and claim to be the world empire. They claim to support democracy while they violate even the simplest human rights laws regarding the students simply because they are holding a peaceful protest and are against the genocide in Gaza.

In my view today there is a general rising and a raising of awareness at public level in particular among the elite students which will expand in the coming days and would extend to all the European students and around the world. In the end he said that the issue of Gaza will no doubt impact the future US presidential elections and all the political elections in Europe and surely those mainstreams who stand with Israel will have no chance of winning in the future elections.


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