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Democracy Contradictions and Contradictory Democracy /Why is Ilhan Omar Removed

Democracy Contradictions and Contradictory Democracy /Why is Ilhan Omar Removed

Ilhan Omar the Muslim woman member of democrats of the US was removed from the foreign affairs committee on Thursday after a party voting with controversial discussions at the house of representatives and her calling out.

According to Negaheno report, the US House of Representatives with 218 votes of the Republicans and 211 votes of the Democrats voted for the removing of Ilhan Omar from the foreign affairs committee of the House.

Ilhan Omar is an immigrant from Somalia and the first of Muslim women who is active in the House of Representatives. Mohammad Al-Alsi, the American intellect speaking with Negaheno referring to Ilhan Omar’s removal stressed that this issue is another American contradictory behavior shown when encountering human concepts and it also proved that the US interaction with the human rights is contradictory and hypocritical.

He further said that ever since Ilhan Omar ‘s name was reflected in the news, violent threats are storming against her. Mohammad Al-Asi also reiterated that the US is holding a typical position of defending the rights of women and freedom of expression when it does not tolerate any of the smallest criticisms against the Zionist regime. He said: “Of course this removal of a woman representative shows more than anything else the penetration of the lobby of the Zionists within the political structures and the entire American community. He added the Americans have a dual definition on democracy and translate and decide over it based on their interests


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