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Iran’s Goal at this Age was Only to Punish the Zionist Regime and No More

Iran’s Goal at this Age was Only to Punish the Zionist Regime and No More

Former deputy foreign minister of Egypt, Abdullah Ashaal referring to Iran’s reaction to the attacks of the Zionist regime against Tehran’s consulate in Damascus said: “In its primary stage Iran’s goal was to only punish the Zionist regime.”

According to Negaheno report Abdullah Ashaal said: “I always emphasized on the Egyptian’s wish even when I held the position of the deputy foreign minister.”

Referring to his resignation from the position of deputy foreign minister in 2003 he stressed: “I resigned from my position when I criticized Egypt’s ministry of foreign affairs as one of key basis of Hosni Mubarak’s system, the deposed president of this country.”

Ashaal added: “All the ministers during his tenure only executed his policies and proved to be a team of criminals with ministers’ attire.” Speaking with Negaheno referring to Iran’s reaction to Israel’s attack against Tehran’s consulate in Syria he said Iran has the right to defend its territorial integrity.

Of course, he also mentioned that the goal of Iran was to punish the Zionist regime following its genocide in Gaza.

Al-Ashaal added that Iran tried to convey its message to Israel and USA that will no longer hesitate to react to any form of Israel’s approaches and violation of its integrity.

Expressing his sorrow over the shameful situation of the Arab world and the impartiality of the Arab countries in particular, Egypt, concerning the situation in Gaza he said: “Iran is the only country that supports the cause of Palestine. “

This Egyptian personality added: “Iran has even undergone heavy costs over supporting Palestine”


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