By: Mehdi Azizi

What is Sadr pursuing through street strategy?

What is Sadr pursuing through street strategy?

Power stability within Iraq, controlling Shiite streams, the birth of a Shiite household or opposition with US dialoguing?

Despite several months since the deadline for the government formation in Iraq the Iraqi politicians have not yet come to an agreement. Today Iraq is facing a dead end in the government formation and the government formation procedure is transformed into a political crisis. This trend is intensified with the Sadr stream.
Mughtada Sadr is displaying contradictory and unstable behaviors, acting once with the Saudi Arabia, another with Jordan and some time against different states as well as against Iran and despite these contradictions one fails to present a special analysis on the features of Mughtada Sadr.

Despite his social position among the people, he is a heavy political figure who by stepping out of the government formation has aggravated the work for other Shiite streams, while ignoring his role in the present outcomes.
According to the Iraqi sources, thousands of Sadr supporters through a preplanned arrangement have moved towards the green zone in Baghdad and have crossed the blockage reaching the gates of the green zone. The security forces who are responsible over the security of the green zone made no attempt to this move and were almost just watching the movement. At the same time many other so-called supporters of Sadr gathered in the Al-Tahrir square.
Apparently, the protestors who were known through the social networks to be of the Sadr supporters have opposed the formation of government by Mohammad Shayah Al- Sudani as the prime minister nominated by the coordinating framework. In addition, the protestors have called the judicial power to review the records of Al Sudani so it appears the main objective of the protests were against the judiciary power.

At present, several questions remain regarding Sadr stream; What is the present priority of Mughtada Sadr? Power stability within Iraq, controlling Shiite streams, the birth of a Shiite household or opposition with US dialoguing?
Is Sadr reacting under the pressures of the Persian Gulf countries pursuing separation from the pro -Iran and Shiites and political resistance, legitimizing the second group working for their political independence by strengthening the strategies laid down by the Persian Gulf countries?
Is he working to ultimately replace himself with Seyed Ali Systani household and to overlook Najaf household?
1- Mughtada Sadr can not be attributed to an outside stream – to the enemy or to the Arabian – Hebrew- stream and with regards to his anti -US dialogue, the Sadr stream is less likely to be in enmity with the resistance and Shiite stream. It appears despite all disagreements between the Shiite groups they still continue to focus on the principle of mutual consolidation.
2- Introducing Al-Sudani as the prime minister is not the appropriate result of parties such Sadr’s. Al-Sudani is one of the supporters of Hashd Al- Shabi and has good relations with the leaders of the people’s mobilization.
However, in his political strategies, Sadr believes that any prime minister who is independent from military forces is appropriate for the country. The assault made by Sadr’s supporters to the parliament of Iraq in order to prevent the premiership of Al- Sudani is a prove to this assertion.

3- The main strategy and the secret to Sadr’s power is with regards to mobilizing people into the streets as he has been very successful. This instrument has failed to remain peaceful and based on experience and history has led to violence and unlike Sadr’s twits encouraging peace, he does not fear instigation and physical omission of his opponents and is ultimately pursuing full control as the sole Shiite household.

4- Since the fall of Saddam, it is for the first time that a Shiite stream is leading the government in Iraq. The present Shiite consensus is for the first time since the fall of Saddam to agree on a Shiite figure such as Al -Sudani.
5- The scenario supporting assault to the parliament shows that Sadr has resigned from the parliament but not the political scene and is now pursuing political settlement which would ultimately preserve Mustafa Al-Kazemi for an unknown duration in order to stabilize his people and his policies. The accompaniment of the supporters of Al-Kazemi with the Sadr supporters in assaulting the parliament is a prove to this scenario and strategy.

6- The withdrawal of Sadr’s stream from the government formation has paved the way for political unrest which continues sowing discord and distrust among the Shiite parties.
7- The political arrangements of the political streams in Iraq after nominating Al-Sudani is most probably aiming to introduce another nominee and the idea of another election by the Sadr stream is a mere threat.
8- Sadr makes every effort to tie the hands of Hashd Al-Shabi in Iraq. He believes them as his rival.


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