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Analyzing The Whys and How’s of the Recent Event in Iran

Analyzing The Whys and How’s of the Recent Event in Iran

The main analysis on why the outside pressures increases over each internal event in Iran finds that it is more due to regional changes and the conclusions released from the think tanks belonging to intelligence and espionage services as a result of defeat in racial and religious discords and disintegration projects rather than relying on the root causes of the event itself.

It is here that even a socio-cultural event in Iran turns into an opportunity for changing the equation and ultimately discrediting the internal, regional and international capabilities of Iran.

One can conclude therefore that most of the socio-economic and political unrests in Iran are preplanned and operated by these very services or if there rises a public demand it would turn into a pretext for strengthening the opposition fronts in every dimension of the situation.

The main operators of such scenes are the Farsi speaking media that are added in numbers in recent years in so far that even Saudi Arabia is also part of the Farsi speaking network for influencing the public thinking in Iran, mostly located in London.

Such approaches have also been planned and operated not only on changes in Iran but also simultaneously in Iraq and Lebanon.

 When the economic demands of people in Iraq and Lebanon were diverted from its main point of register and its trend were put to the hands of British, US and UAE embassies monied by Saudi Arabia it changed the scene in the interest of the Zionist regime as a weapon of resistance.

The emergence of new movements in Iraq and Lebanon in particular, those with opposition notion are known as Jokers and Tishreen by these same intelligence and security services of Israel and America.

The project that pursues chaos and insecurity by relying on economic demands and social challenges is one of the most important projects in recent years planned by the intelligence and security services in the regional countries in particular in Iraq, Lebanon and Iran. The difference between this project and other western scenarios is that the former is long lasting and is operational in every time and condition.

 Therefore, what is happening these days in Iran is that if it was struck initially as a social demand but only within several hours later it was found to be an issue far beyond the death of Mahsa Amini.


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