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The October Riot, common in Iran and Iraq

The October Riot, common in Iran and Iraq

Today is the anniversary of the great 2019 upheaval in Iraq which introduced a new term in the political terminology of the country called the Tishreens.

It is a movement that was initiated with the aim of economic demand, criticizing the living situation, lack of welfare and political corruption in Iraq but was suddenly driven away to another direction to as far as it marginalized the main intention.

The October 2019 riots in Iraq was famed as Tishreen because Tishreen is equivalent to October.

The emergence of violent and armed behaviors from the early days of the uprise showed that the main issue i.e., the economic demands were marginalized and were replaced with other aims and motivations.

Interestingly, simultaneously, the same uprisal took place in Lebanon over economic problems and in a short while the direction of the protest triggered the resistance front.

 The Saudi- run Al-Hadas and Al-Arabia media were jointly responsible to instigate and organize these protests.

All the features of these protests showed that the main goal and mission is to create political vacuum, produce social pressure and to direct the protests towards the resistance. The general public who took part in the economic protests as a demand left the protests. But the organized groups remained in the scene so as to create the grounds for maximum pressure upon the political parties close to the resistance front.

There are many proofs and documents that show although the previous protests in Lebanon and the present protests in Iraq and Iran are based on the real demands but are pre-arranged. Specially, the main factors causing economic failures are actually pro- west creating the grounds for such behaviors.

As an example, when the protests began in Lebanon during its early hours around 1 million umbrellas were quickly distributed among the protesters because of the rainy weather!

 In Iraq and Iran, the role of foreign embassies and their dispersing dollars by these embassies in particular some Arab embassies such as UAE and Saudi Arabia are quite clear.


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