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What is US After with The Riots in Iran? Targeting Iran’s Economy

What is US After with The Riots in Iran? Targeting Iran’s Economy

The US is After certain targets one of which is the economy as the most important of all.

According to Negaheno report the impacts of the riots over foreign investment are divided into two long- term and short- term impacts

The short- term impacts of these socio- political insecurity have led rise in distrust from the foreign investors and its impacts will be visible in short term. This short -term impact is what every economist would admit.

The long -term impact of this insecurity would induce countries to avoid investment in Iran.

In the 13th government due to positive economic ties with the neighboring countries or countries such as Russia and China including the 25- year contract with China or Iran’s membership in the Shanghai organization it would increase the importance of socio-political security several folds more. Lack of socio-political security would lead countries to lose their motivation for cooperation with Iran.

 Another inappropriate impact of these riots over foreign investment is a decrease in the use of Iran’s capacity with regards to the existing corridors in the region which join some of the economic routes.

Another negative impact over foreign investment is the unpredictability of foreign investors over the economy which is a major factor in economic stability in order to raise motivation for absorbing foreign investment.

One of the important factors is the wide spread support of those living abroad from the riots in Iran who help undermine the psychological security for attracting foreign investors and positive economic cooperation of regional countries with Iran.


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