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Factors for political stability and Iraqi agreement/ which streams played the main role?

Factors for political stability and Iraqi agreement/ which streams played the main role?

Perhaps there were too few people among the analysts who did not opt for the use of the word- dead end or political blockage- in their evaluation on the political situation of Iraq within the last year.

According to Negaheno report the main element of these people in their analysis was more associated with their political experiences on Iraq and naturally, the approach of some the political streams who impacted on their type of analysis that was based upon misunderstanding and discoordination.
 addition to misunderstandings of the internal streams in Iraq together with public discontent due to rise in poverty and structural corruption, the external factors also played an important role in failing to form a political atmosphere together with peoples’ demand.The surrounding atmosphere of Iraq also was reluctant to secure and to protect this Arabic country, in particular, having essentially an Arabic and Shiite nature that could be regarded as a dangerous threat.The views of the western intelligence centers are that the Arabic, Shiite and a powerful Iraq should either be weakened or should remain in instability and political vacuum.The ethnic situation, the unusual approaches of some of the political streams and the hasty and irrational behaviors distant from reality all turned into a supplementary element for the western agenda and the US in Iraq.Iraq is the only Islamic country encompassing all the three main elements of Arabism, Islamism and Shiism having just gone through the new and hard process of forming a government since the fall of a dictatorship.Of course, part of the tensions in the country are natural resulting from the new political and democratic atmosphere post dictatorship system.
Notwithstanding that this democratic structure in Iraq has been built based on the prerequisites of the US in order to leave the country in potential chaos forever. Such as the political structure in Lebanon after the Taif Agreement.In view of all these scenarios, the inseparable situations and features of the socio-political atmosphere in Iraq, it so appears has entered a new stage i.e., agreement over the election of the president and the prime minister in so far as to be able to change the situation.Reaching this understanding is the result of several approaches; political rationality and continence together with some of the Iraqi streams’ endurance.The Shiite coordination framework, for instance, who emerged after the breakup with Mughtada Sadr stream from the Shiite household as the wise source.
By looking at the coordination framework’s stance and reactions in particular, in encountering the improper attitudes of the Sadr stream and the external pressures, one can show the depth of the understanding of the framework regarding the regional situations.The agreement of the framework over the premiership of Mohammad Shaya Al-Sudani is a great success due to the special features of Al-Sudani as a person renowned for fighting against corruption within the Iraqi public views.He has no tie with any political streams and has already proved to be so in his previous ministerial positions and therefore, he is a good choice for fighting the structural corruption in Iraq. This is at a time when there are many financial cases of corruption, the most important of which is the 3.7 trillion-dinar robbery from an Iraqi bank named Rafedin.
Iraq’s point of reference By avoiding hastiness in siding with a particular political party and the awareness of the position of Ayatollah Sistani all played an important role however ,one instance .i.e. the assault against the parliament and the pressures of Mughtada Sadr for continuing the tensions and did send its message.On another instance was Ayatollah Hayeri , the spiritual leader of the Sadr stream who within a moral and honorable stance announced his retirement which led to narrowing down the situation for more distortion.
The Islamic Republic of IranNow, what was the role of the Islamic republic of Iran when the spiritual leader continued to invite dialoguing and preventing the intervention in other countries?
Despite all efforts to draw Iran’s intervention into the changes in Iraq and even dispatching fake news, Tehran announced that intervention in Iraq’s internal affairs will not be in the interest of any group and it is for the people and the parties to determine their destiny.The Iraqi resistance groups in particular,Hashd-ul Shabi groupAnother important point was the patience of the resistance group who avoided any form of intervention within the political trend nor did they advocate any special groups in so far that despite accusations, they were in the end supported by they Sadr stream for their prudence.Hashd- Shabi was engaged with fighting against DAESH exactly at a time when some of the political streams were fighting over their posts.Hence, one can be hopeful when looking at a set of attitudes and political experiences of some of the groups such as the coordination framework and some political and resistance personalities and the understanding of the public.


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