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Bahrain; Unsound Elections / Holding Elections Without opposition representatives

Bahrain; Unsound Elections / Holding Elections Without opposition representatives

Bahrain Human rights society has held a press conference in Beirut entitled, “Unsound elections” where its speakers explain the reasons behind the unsoundness of the parliamentary elections that is to be held next Saturday in Bahrain and the many instances of human rights violations and people’s suppression by the Bahrain government.

According to Negaheno report, the speakers describe the severe prosecution and suppression of Bahrain’s nation and stressed that the regime has refused to implement reforms that would guarantee a fair system based on the peaceful desire of the people on the 14th February uprisal.

They added that the regime’s attempt to hold the elections without any opposition representatives and their lack of participation is in fact helping the regime to marginalize the people from the policies.

They reminded: “Bahrain’s parliament is deprived of its legal rights and has no independent authority to direct the country out of the dark tunnel created by the Al- Khalifeh regime.

Representatives of human rights advocates organizations participating at this press conference stated: “Names of tens of people have been omitted due to political reasons for requesting to have monitoring over the election procedure and there is no law for organizing the elections.

These representatives stressed that more than 59 thousand military forces have taken part as candidates in the Bahrain elections whereas based on international criteria the military forces are not allowed to take part in the elections.

Representatives from human rights advocates organizations also added that the government of Bahrain has adopted the law on political isolation and in this way more than a hundred thousand people have been deprived of joining the elections as candidates.

They said: “For decades Bahrain is in a political dead end and the judiciary power is not independent, rather it is administered by the executive power.”

It is noteworthy to mention that the Bahrain regime intends to hold parliamentary and city council elections on 12th November, Saturday.

 This is when the political opponents have boycotted the elections for the despotic policies of the Al- Khalifeh which continue to arrest the opposition leaders and exile many of the religious and political leaders of the country. Moreover, it is pursuing peaceful accord and normalization of relations with the enemy, i.e., the Zionist regime offering political citizenship to the foreigners for changing the demography of Bahrain supported by Saudi Arabia and in alliance with the US and UK while overlooked by the international institutions and the United Nations Organization towards these crimes.


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