Negaheno speaking with the Head of Jordanian Women Association:

The West Has No Good Will Intentions When It Comes to Supporting Global Issues

The West Has No Good Will Intentions When It Comes to Supporting Global Issues

Dr. Naheye Barghawi, head of Jordanian women Association (REMA) by referring to the West’s double standards with regards to the changes and events in the region and the world said:

“The West has in no way have any form of good will when it comes to supporting any issues.”

According to Negaheno report, by referring to the West’s support of all acts of destruction and massacre of Palestinian children by the cancerous Israel she added that it is impossible for the West to think of supporting the rights of women with such an approach.

Dr. Barghawi continued that the ultimate goal of the West is to corrupt the societies in particular, the Islamic societies, Africa and Latin America. She Said: “The West is pursuing social breakdown including family structure and foundation, aiming to plunder the wealth and resources across the world.

This female Jordanian activist said that we are also after women’s freedom and her full rights without relying on the unconventional values in the West.

 She said that the West regards women as an object and uses her as an immoral means for marketing. I am against complete freedom.

Nahaye Barghawi who is her first time to visit Iran by referring to the progress and freedom of Iranian women said: “ I saw the Iranian women free, open minded intellectuals.”


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