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Why is the Attack on Baku Embassy in Iran a Suspicious Act?

Why is the Attack on Baku Embassy in Iran a Suspicious Act?

The attack on the Baku Embassy in Tehran occurred right at a time when a wave of pressures was heating up for closing down the foreign embassies in particular, the European countries in Iran and of course it ended up futile.

A campaign was held to shut down the European and foreign embassies in Tehran. The West and the Iranian expats ranging from national celebrities to European politicians called on Western states to close their embassies in Tehran.

The Azerbaijan state called this a terrorist attack in only a few hours after the incident. While the motivation of the assailant is clear, the person is in the police custody and the research is not completed yet. Some Saudi media networks and anti -government individuals claim he is linked to IRGC.

A wave of media is underway in a compact and coordinated way and in a hasty and unprofessional approach they are striving to connect this to the state- run institutions in order to compensate their failed attempt in closing the European embassies in Tehran.

Therefore, it is clear the West media machine is trying to politically benefit from this issue in order to show Iran as an unsafe place by pressing against Iran and of course, they are hoping that this would lead to more embassies closing down so as to sympathize with the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In the incident of a Russian who was killed in Turkey by a Turkish security agent which was undoubtedly an act of terrorism, there were no reactions as such and there were no extreme stances.

It is interesting that Turkey is the first country who made reactions to this incident and is more Catholic than Pope!


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