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The Future War is Dialogue of Nuclear Warheads!

The Future War is Dialogue of Nuclear Warheads!

 In an interview with “New Statesman” website, Noam Chomsky, the 93 years old American scientist and linguist said that we are getting close to the most dangerous point in the human history.

According to Negaheno report he warned that due to climate crises and the probable incident of nuclear war, humanity is nearing the most dangerous point in its history and the current situation is moving in such a way that we are facing a deteriorating sight of mans’ life on earth.

Noam Chomsky referred to the war between Russia and Ukraine and clearly reminded on the warning signs.

But Noam Chomsky’s alert was solely focused on the nuclear wars of the superpowers. Among these and putting them beside other signs and proofs, the USA, Russia and China are named as powers that would consider using nuclear warheads in the near future.

Based on some of the guess works Russia has put the option of nuclear threats against NATO on the table and the US will go on war with China in 2025 over Taiwan.

But concerns on the future of the world is not limited to the warnings of Noam Chomsky and unfortunately, the most dangerous point will not be limited to the three said powers for using the nuclear warheads rather, other countries will use this power for their defense or retaliation in the form of proxies.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has declared over and over that it will not use its nuclear power for building bombs as it regards this against the Sharia and ethical laws. The supreme leader has clearly said: “we don’t possess nuclear weapons but we would defend ourselves in the same level of our own enemies’ assault whether it be the US or the Zionist regime.”

 This means that if the enemy would use any form of nuclear weapons against the nation of Iran in the near future or in the long run, the Islamic republic of Iran will also under take deterring and retaliatory measures to counter attack them.

If the powers intend to overlook the rules of the game, the independent countries of the world will show their special options on the table and form their own new world order in various forms. The most dangerous point in history will be that very day for the hegemonial powers.

The retaliatory measures will not be restricted to the joint powers and other options will be operated in a swift speed and in fact the future war, its power and its language will be the language of nuclear warheads.

Dr. Mohammad Ali Senobari


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