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Behind the Scene of the Rise and Fall of Dollar Price in Iraq/US and Jordan’s blackmailing

Behind the Scene of the Rise and Fall of Dollar Price in Iraq/US and Jordan’s blackmailing

It so appears that with Mohammad Al-Shiah Al-Sudani’s tenure as the prime minister of Iraq and with almost a year since the instabilities and ongoing internal challenges a new stage is to begin with political stability and economic development in Iraq.

According to Negaheno report, these measures would have been undertaken knowing that the prime minister was mostly popular for transparency and fighting corruption, in particular, that Al-Sudani has taken a fast track for regulating Iraq’s economic situation, the most important of which is to retrieve the trafficked assets of Iraq from other countries.The policies of the new government are based on balance and interaction with other neighboring and world countries focusing on the principle of absorbing foreign investment and allowing global companies into Iraqi Markets.The new prime minister of Iraq who has no tainted records has managed to catch up and reach a starting point bringing hope to the current situation of the people of Iraq.

This very approach has made the US to exert pressure on the new government and as usual use Dollar as an instrument for exerting pressure and to black mail Iraq.The US ambassador to Iraq played an important role in performing the scenario. In the first scenario he increased the price of dollar then he pressed the government of Al-Sudani that he would drop the price of dollar in return for agreeing with the transfer of the oil pipeline from Iraq to Aqaba port in Jordan.Since Thursday evening up till Friday, two meetings were held with the participation of the Iraqi, Turkish delegation and representative from the US Federal bank on how to decline the price of dollar in Iraq. It is anticipated that the price of dollar will drop sharply against Iraqi dinars in the next few days.

the Iraq- Aqaba port project would give this opportunity to easily sell oil to the global markets through the new pipe line instead of relying on the Jeyhan (Ceyhan)port in Turkey. The construction of Iraqi oil refinery at the Aqaba port in Jordan will require over one-billion-dollar investment and in case of its accomplishment, Jordan would be able to overcome its oil needs with lower prices and better quality.

However, the important point is that 20 km of this pipe line will have to cross the occupied territories of Palestine.20 km out of 1700 km stretching from Iraq to Aqaba port in Jordan in order to reach Egypt would eventually trap Iraq into negotiating with the Zionist regime and normalizing relations with this occupying regime. In other words, the entire pipeline is around 1700km but only 20 km would be enough for Iraq to fall in the trap of normalization, for this 20 km has to cross the occupying regime .


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