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The US Several Richter scales sanctions on Syria/ a New Field for Upgrading the Efficiency of the Resistance Front

The US Several Richter scales sanctions on Syria/ a New Field for Upgrading the Efficiency of the Resistance Front

The US sanctions against Syria are far more disastrous than the ISIS war and the current earthquake that has affected various regions of Syria including in Aleppo.

.According to Negaheno report while many countries have offered help to Turkey but only less than 10 countries could voluntarily dispatch aid to Syria.There are still many people stuck under heavy rubble waiting breathlessly for help and international aid that are halted by the US. Unlike their human rights gest, Washington DC has the least attention to moral and humane aspects when it comes to political and economic interests.

Although, Turkey is faced with a disastrous situation but it should be said that Syria, also as a result of the destructive war imposed by ISIS, the US and Ankara’s supporting terrorism and the recent earthquake is in the worst situations.Prior to the earthquake the infrastructure in Syria were already inadequate and in the past decade were highly vulnerable and now this natural disaster is seen as a heavy blow to the infrastructure in some areas; however, the US continues to stand as an obstacle for offering aid to the Syrian citizens.Despite all these trouble and hardships but there is one new experience gained by the resistance Front.

In the past several years in particular, during the Syria crisis the resistance Front stood with utmost power against ISIS, Saudi and US terrorism and today also this natural disaster has made the Front to offer aid based on its previous experiences at the Front and enter a new equation for offering help.

In a complementary and organized system, Iran, Iraq in particular, the Hashd Al-Shabi and Lebanon have managed to provide a solution for offering aid to Syria.Until this moment these aids have continued.

The resistance Front has shown that not only it has the capacity to change the equation in the region where ever necessary including the economic equations but also it can move ahead to play an important role in emergency situations. An organized and regular aid system is working in Syria and Turkey by the resistance Front.


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