Negaheno interviewing a Pakistani documentarist

Pakistan is Moving Towards Independent Foreign Policies/ The Reason Behind Tel Aviv’s enmity with Islamabad

Pakistan is Moving Towards Independent Foreign Policies/ The Reason Behind Tel Aviv’s enmity with Islamabad

Javid Rana, a documentarist from Pakistan in his interview by Negaheno said: Israel knows very well that if a war is to take place in the region Pakistan will go against that regime.

 According to Negaheno report, speaking on the situation of the region and the Zionist regime Javid Rana said: “We are witnessing a high inflation in Pakistan due to IMF noncooperation that is one of their greatest instruments. People protest against the government causing more economic unrest. Thus, Pakistan will be compelled to halt its nuclear programs or to hand the security of its nuclear industry to the West. This is the West strategy which is part of Israel’s wish. With regards to the hostility of Israel towards Pakistan he also stated: “Israel is after a Pakistan having a government that is non -atomic because Israel knows very well if a war takes place in the region these nuclear abilities would be used against Israel because the people of Pakistan are followers of Palestinians.

It would be problematic for Israel to see Pakistan having leaders who are a Muslim and are advocated by the people. For many years it has imposed pressure on the military format of Pakistan through Saudi Arabia so that Islamabad would recognize Israel but this plot has failed. The last time Imran Khan attempted to exit from US alliance and did not recognize Israel he was ousted. He wanted to move towards the eastern bloc, i.e., China and Russia.”

The Pakistani documentary filmmaker response to the question of what is the solution to such situations and what should be Pakistan and I.R. Iran’s strategy, explained that in such an atmosphere, our countries such as Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan should join together and work together based on our commonalities, forming an alliance. What is common between us is that Afghanistan forced the US out of their country in other words it was the Pakistanis who played a tactic that forced the US to move out of Afghanistan.

Iran also clearly and in practice has shown that it is against US plans in the Middle East.

Here we find common interests. We should form a new alliance. In the coming months it will be possible for Pakistan to see a government taking over that is independent and would consider more in the interest of the Muslims. This would be the most dangerous scenario for Israel and US when they see the three Muslim countries have joined together forming union.

Iran is rationally an Islamic Republic and Pakistan also is an Islamic country and has an Islamic democratic constitution.P

akistan is now moving towards an independent foreign policy. In the coming months and years these three countries will have strong ties with China and Russia and perhaps Turkey would like to join the group. ISIS was a threat for both Iran and Pakistan.

These three countries should join together against ISIS which was made by the Americans.


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