Negaheno speaking with Savin:

Unpredictable: A Clear Feature of Combined Wars/ The Need to Form Strategic Relations

Unpredictable: A Clear Feature of Combined Wars/ The Need to Form Strategic Relations

Leonid Savin, professor at Russia university, media and geopolitics expert stating that Israel is a common enemy for both Iran and Russia said: “One of the obvious features of a combined war is that it is unpredictable.”

According to Negaheno report with regards to the regional situation and the Zionist regime, Leonid Savin said: “Iran and Russia should be prepared for any form of social network and media attack. The defensive and invasive approach are all two sides of one coin. There is only one way that we could define a combined war; it is unpredictable. We must protect ourselves and our people, we should defend them and support our traditional values.

“On the other hand, we should know how to attack the enemy and should know how to destroy the intention of the enemy before its evil intentions are implemented against us both from material and practical stance. They are not just a few countries but they are an entire front: The US, the north Atlantic countries and Israel.”

Regarding on how to find a solution for moving out of this situation and how Russia and Iran’s strategy should be he said: “We should form a unity. Perhaps partly official and partly unofficial. We are now witnessing that Iran -Russia’s tie is expanding but we should have strategic ties in order to form a global network for destroying Zionism and the US imperialism.”

 On the views of the Russian people towards the Zionist regime this geopolitics expert said: “In general most Russians dislike Israel but Russia and Israel have official relations. To my view Israel is certainly a great danger.”

He added: “Israel is certainly a great danger. All those incidents that occur in Palestine, the operations that are undertaken by Israel and specially that we don’t know how many bombs it owns and also because Israel is unpredictable.

I believe that we must form a strong tie. A new form of unity and not like the one the UN has. Also, with the Palestinians that they could form a government and Russia will certainly support the government of Palestine in an official way.


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