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Mostafa Al-Kazemi’s Trip to Tehran/Which Speculation is Closer to the Reality?

Mostafa Al-Kazemi’s Trip to Tehran/Which Speculation is Closer to the Reality?

Former Iraqi Prime minister, Mostafa Al-Kazemi arrived in Tehran. It is clear that Tehran fully supports every political capacity of Iraq in line with the interests of both nations but it seems that Al-Kazemi is availed with neither political capacity nor social support at internal and regional level.

According to Negaheno report in the eyes of the Iraqi citizens and some public opinions, his name Al- Kazemi is above all a reminder of his intervention in an open case i.e., the assassination of the commanders of victory at Baghdad airport. This besides Al-Kazemi’s incompetence that opened the way for the Americans, the Baathi’s, the opposition streams in the political sphere and his collaboration with the Americans has made him a detestable figure.In so far that it can be said after he left his office replaced by Mohammed Shiah- Al Sudani’s administration, the Iraqis are now at peace.In order to guarantee his political life and his persistence to remain as a premiere, Mostafa Al- Kazemi made irrational attempts that were both apolitical and uncommon.He appeared to have a good tie with the resistance groups and on those very times he supported the opposition streams and the “Jokers”.
The continuance of the protests in Iraq followed by unrest was more than anything a guarantee for his premiership. That is why, Al-Kazemi never attempted to secure a political and economic establishment rather, his mission was basically to move ahead as a prime minister to provide the ground for a safe and secure election for the new prime minister and government.
Therefore, the political establishment would mean an end to his mission as a prime minister and he knew well enough that he should leave this position as soon as possible.
But with such an unacceptable record and background why has he come to Tehran?When each time a former Iraqi prime minister visits Iran such questions are never asked for within the diplomatic protocol of Iran-Iraq ties the visit of former political figures is acceptable, diplomatic and is based on the depth of relations between Tehran and Baghdad. But in the case of Al-Kazemi, in view of his unacceptable political approach and being accused of intervening in the assassinations of martyrs Abu Mohandes and Ghasem Soleimani surely, there remain ambiguities to be resolved.
Among the speculations drawn with regards to AL-Kazemi’s trip to Tehran perhaps the closest point to reality would be that Al-Kazemi has come to Tehran in order to release himself from pressures of the resistance streams and the government of Iraq against him due to his intervention in the assassination of the commanders of victory so that a mediation would help him be released from these pressures.Al-Kazemi knows very well that as an accused within the assassination case of the commanders of victory he would be unable to continue with his political life easily.
He is neither a key defender of the Islamic resistance and the resistance group in Iraq and in the region nor is he a political elite nor has he any support from the religious figures.


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