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The goals and messages of Assad’s visit to Russia

The goals and messages of Assad’s visit to Russia

Syria’s president, Bashar Assad arrived in Moscow for an official visit for meeting with Russia’s president Vladimir Putin.

At the current situation this trip has its key goals and messages.According to Negaheno report, Bashar Assad’s trip to Russia is of considerable importance from various angles. While a deadly earthquake in Syria has left the country with large number of deaths and destruction, the Syrian government has promised to continue fighting against terrorism, reconstructing the demolished areas due to the earth quake and to help return the refugees.
These two important areas besides the need to have access to proper funding and equipment is faced by challenges due to the US and Zionist Regime’s interventions and exploitations from the earthquake situation as the report reveals an increase in the US military movement in the occupied lands and the restrengthening of terrorist groups with an excuse of supporting the earth quake- stricken people.
in the other hand, the Zionist regime has intensified its assaults against Syria knowing that it is involved with the earthquake crisis, Russia is involved in war against Ukraine and Iran is involved in its internal affairs. Accordingly, one can assess that part of Assad’s visit to Russia would be in the framework of bilateral coordination for reconstruction of earthquake- stricken areas in Syria and also to fight against the US and the Zionist regime’s movements.
This is even more revealed when Syria’s authority has inclined the Arab countries even Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE to travel to Syria beside the Board of directors of the Arab Parliaments in Damascus which has increased the power of Assad for attaining its internal and foreign goals.Another point is that simultaneous with the Ukraine war Russia endeavors to show NATO’s defeated scenario besides its extensive military operations in Ukraine offering numerous statistics on the economic progress amidst sanctions and war and its effective presence within the global equations as part of its agenda.While China has succeeded in offering a new model on Eastern diplomacy by mediating between Iran-Saudi Arabia the issue prevails that Russia is also trying to play a more effective role in Syria by strengthening the internal policies of the country and to solve Syria-Turkey dispute which would most probably lead to a meeting between the four countries of Iran, Russia, Syria and Turkey and is in a way trying to prove a new world order without the Western presence.
Nevertheless, although part of Assad-Putin agreement will not be covered by the media but Assad’s trip indicates Damascus powerful stance that has led to his visit to Russia through clarity and media processing, while both countries try to reveal a new world order without the West’s presence besides alleviating bilateral needs which would have considerable impacts on the future of the region.
The important point is that this trip is regarded not as a single approach of Assad towards Moscow and Iran’s isolation but it is highlighted within a coordinated framework of the resistance front and promoter of multipolar order. As prior to Assad’s trip to Russia Iran’s foreign minister, AmirAbdullahian made a visit to Damascus where both countries emphasized on expansion of bilateral relations and regional roleplays.


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