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What the US hides in Syria

What the US hides in Syria

In retaliation to the terrorist and inhumane attacks of the US bombers on Friday morning to the city of Deir -ul Zur which led to injuring five people, the Islamic resistance targeted two out of 25 illegal US bases in Syria with 60 rockets and drones.

According to Negaheno, while claiming to be a direct order of Jo Biden the US president, the US bombarded certain areas of Syria. These incidents have occurred when in analyzing them there is one principle to consider and that is the difference between the nature of US forces present and the resistance groups in Syria.

Based on international laws a country can only have a military presence in another country when it has received an official state request by the hosting country otherwise, the military presence takes the form of occupation and invasion and is globally condemned.

Ever since the presence of terrorists in Syria which highly threatened the security and stability of the country there has been two military structures in the country. In one side of the equation countries such as the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia and other resistance groups are present in the form of defenders of the shrines which legally present as a result of the official request of the government of Damascus and who have played a significant role in fighting terrorism.

On the other side of equation stands the US who have entered Syria without the request of the government and by setting up military bases and occupying their territory are openly supporting the terrorists and stealing away the oil resources of the country.

So basically, there are two important principles to consider:

First, the people and the government of Syria and their legal supporters have every right to fight against the occupiers out of the country and second that as invaders, the Americans have no right for any form of activity and they should be prosecuted globally.

Thus, the US claiming that their presence and actions are for the purpose of counteractions against Iran and their base is legitimate is a false and unreal approach which is merely to justify their crimes and occupation.

The nature of the resistance groups and countries like Russia and Iran are completely legal and is within the framework of international laws. Whereas the US presence in Syria is totally against the international laws as it has no right to such expressions, rather it should be prosecuted for its occupation and be forced to leave Syria in particular, that their presence has led to strengthening terrorism and aggravating the pains and griefs of the people of Syria.


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