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The Power Geometry is Having a Shift and the Regional Countries are its Players

The Power Geometry is Having a Shift and the Regional Countries are its Players

Seyed Reza Sadrul-Hossaini, expert and political analyst on regional issues stated on the resumption of Iran -Saudi Arabia ties: “The power geometry is undergoing a shift and the regional countries are its players.”

According to Negaheno report, the significant issue of resuming relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia is considerable from various angles and is dependent on various factors. The most important factor was that the government of Saudi Arabia realized that it should not have cut off its ties with Iran suddenly when a group of people illegally attacked the Saudi embassy in Tehran when none of the Islamic republic of Iran’s officials agreed with this illegal attempt.

During the past seven years the Saudis realized that cutting off ties with Iran has imposed considerable costs over the issues in the regional and international areas. Although both countries have expressed their willingness to resume ties but both have determined certain conditions that deterred both sides to reach an agreement.
From somewhile ago there have been negotiations between the governments of Iran and Saudi Arabia mediated by the government of Baghdad followed by 6 rounds of talks and tens of meetings of experts in various areas.

This event was finally resolved through the mediation of China who has good relations with both Iran and Saudi Arabia and was signed in the form of several MOUs between the foreign ministers of Iran and Saudi Arabia and it was agreed to not only resume ties from the ones before but also to deepen and to expand the relations.
There is no doubt that this agreement can bring peace for the region. When there was a separation between Iran and Saudi Arabia as two key geopolitical countries the transregional countries including the Zionist regime benefitted the most from these strained relations.

They misused the absence of relations and expanded their presence in the region, something that led to the normalization agreements with certain Arab countries .Therefore, definitely, the resuming of ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia would minimize these movements in the region.


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