In the meeting held by Negaheno institute it was stated:

 Media Is a Link Between Thinking and Generating Reflection/ The Necessity of Making Media Atmosphere a Competitive one

 Media Is a Link Between Thinking and Generating Reflection/ The Necessity of Making Media Atmosphere a Competitive one

In the meeting entitled, “Media and Management of Global Changes from Media Monopoly to Media Balance” which was held by Negaheno institute, while stating that media works as a link between thinking and generating reflection it emphasized on the competitiveness of the media atmosphere.

According to Negaheno report the meeting was held on Wednesday May 3rd , at Media Cultural Center , participated  by  well known figures such as Ebrahim Mottaghi, university professor and head of faculty of law and political sciences, university of Tehran, Nasser Abusharif, representative of Palestine Islamic Jihad movement, Mahdi Shakibaie, Head of Media cultural Center, Hossain Ruyvaran, university professor, Mahdi Azizi, Director of Negaheno Media institute, Abu-Anvar, representative of Iraq Nahj Watani, Montazami, deputy New Horizon institute….

At the start of the meeting which was hosted by Negaheno institute, in collaboration with Media Cultural Center, Mahdi Shakibaie Head of Media cultural center while expressing his warm welcome to the participants of the meeting and expressing his condolence over the martyrdom of khizr Adnan, one of Palestinian fighters said: “The silence that occurred against this crime depicts a deep flaw in today’s world. I hope that my fellow media colleagues would rightfully play their role in such situations.”


He added: “During the past week we also had the first year of Nader Talibzadeh’s passing away who was the   commander in our national media as I would like to express my condolence to his family and the people of Iran for missing him.

As I have had the privilege to be part of media and the cause of Palestine, I know well that it is pretty difficult to have you all here together as of now.Shakibaie further said: “Since its inception the Islamic revolution initiated its communication with its outside world and from 90s onwards these efforts were spread towards regional and international level and gained many achievements at regional level. Of course, these media achievements were not so effective until the 90s where promising efforts were made to which we can see the results today.

Joining Internal with Regional and International Media

 He said: “Thank the Almighty, today there is a good link between the internal media and the regional and international media; while in the past there was a form of vacuum between the media. In the past there was a sort of lack of information exchange between the internal and those working outside which now our media are working well besides those working in the region and the flow of information is exchanged between the internal and external media.

The head of the media cultural center said: “The changes that are occurring in the communication world has in a way dilapidated the monopoly of media which has created both challenges and opportunities in the world. Today, it is the media that shapes the mind of people both in times of peace and stability as well as wars and killings.”

The next speaker was Mahdi Azizi, the head of Negaheno institute who said: “Negaheno today focuses on both the media and Palestine i.e., the resistance front and targets news related to these issues. The issue of Palestine is a rightful issue of a nation. Once Negaheno began its work with only a few staff but after the year 2006 something happened that it added to the volume and frequency of the resistance movement and the monopoly of the western media was balanced.He added: “In the changes that occurred in the resistance front just as the stones of Intifada have now turned into rockets, our media also have developed immensely as it has triggered the views and the in-depth look of the Zionist regime.

Azizi added: “During the recent riots in Iran there was a heavy media pressure against the society and the impact of the role of media was tremendous. The main principle of our media work was focused on resistance and we know ourselves as the soldiers of media and we hope we can be the media soldier for Hajj Ghassem.”

Resistance Front Media Convergence

He said: “The media convergence of resistance front is tangible today and it shows that in addition to the achievement in the fronts, achievements are also gained within the media spectrum. In the past year and in Gaza there were good coverage on the changes. Today we are trying to establish Negaheno offices in in Turkey and Lebanon.”

Azizi further said that today we have reached military deterrence adding that there is maturity and evolution within the resistance front and this applies to the media. This year’s Quds day was different to the previous years and witnessed a remarkable change. The external media really looked at Negaheno with a  new look which I hope it can be a good help to the resistance movement.”Further on Ebrahim Mottaghi, head of faculty of law and political sciences, University of Tehran in  his speech said: “The U S is now on the down turn in political, economic and security areas but in the media areas ,communications and content production and mind control the US is exponential.

He added: “The world today is a world that can reach military deterrence but when it comes to social understanding and communications at social level with a political touch there arises many problems. The reality is our media has grown in numbers over the past 15 years but its effectiveness over social construction and the new generation has declined. Mottaghi said:

“The year 2012 was a warning. When the protest groups linked internal policies with external policies and ignored the national and strategic interests in their critics against the state, they stood in a situation that criticized the Islamic Republic’s relative privileges.

He said: “Governance is a strategic necessity and that includes convincing. The media is important in that it could provide meaningful contents through media atmosphere into the subconscious mind of the society. Last year, protests raised by generation groups against the state policies of the Islamic Republic which are left without understanding and as long as we fail to understand them, the responses will be in the form of hardware which would weaken the society.

Mottaghi explained: “Among the protesters last year there were those whose fathers had taken part in the war fronts and were even killed in action. In the hardware level we have reached a deterrence level but in content production that would help the meaningful format we are lagging behind. Media should have a critical view with sympathy with the purpose of solving problems. The media should work as a link between thinking and generating reflection. A mechanical view towards the society will not respond well for today’s age and time is the age of media and information. Our police and security forces have failed to understand the changes that have occurred in our society and among the current generation.

He further went on saying: “Once one of our most revolutionary faculties was the faculty of political sciences of university of Tehran but today the protests were ignited from the faculty of fine arts.  If there exists a war today it is an intelligent one i.e., a combination of hard and soft ware. We are in need of producing contents and this will respond when beside content production a group is there to criticize our dialoguing format.

He continued: “Thus, the media should know that the first principle of conveying message is to make the media atmosphere competitive. For the administering governance as the supreme leader said, the jihad of cognition falls ahead of jihad of clarification. The mindset of the new generation and their communications should be well understood. Today in the media level one of our problems is lack of efficiency.

He said: “The supreme leader named this year, “The year of growth production and controlling inflation.” But have the authorities adjusted their behavioral patterns with this years’ slogan? Today the media should have a critical view. For if they fail to do so they will be replaced by the hostile media. Today, there is no media balance worldwide.”Mottaghi further said: “Today the banks and media in US are in the hands of the Jews who have plenty of power in the world. Hence, we must have accurate policies in media and in order to safeguard our legitimacy we should create adequate content and cognitive formats within the society.

A media is revolutionary when it can provide an accurate and profound understanding within the current generation. Today, the formats are different to the present situation and the media should have a critical view. The actual point is having higher number of audiences; in that case it will bring more success.”

Next Hossain Ruyvaran, university professor also delivered a speech: “The Islamic Republic has considered Palestine its priority and in this it has prioritized acting in the two dimensions of hardware and software. But the question is why have we been successful in the hardware but not the software?”

 Adding Successful Experiences to the Media

He said that we can break the monopoly in the software and the media adding: “It is not a big deal adding one media to the rest but it would be worthwhile to add successful experiences to the media. In the national media spectrum, the entire format is inducive, but in the external media the message is conveyed based on the audience and the views of the pros and cons. It is not enough just to convey the views of the pros or the cons but we should reflect all types of views so that people would choose and take part in the software procedure.”

Later, Mr. Montazami, vice-president of New Horizon stated: “Nader Talibzadeh had inspiration and thought and this is a feature of influential individuals. Today we are exposed to greatest global threats and the reason is we are against Israel.”

He added: “We have two clear fronts against Israel which are economy and media. Today the enemy is pursuing to influence the mind and software of humans which is a satanic feature. Today we should work to raise awareness among the society and to clarify the impact of software.Montazami stating that we are encountered with the two software and hardware battles reiterated: “The solution to overcoming this hostile attack is to have soft ware war as part of our agenda and with full awareness work ahead. We should shift the soft battle from the region to the west. We should know that the Zionist enemy is highly vulnerable and just as we have stood against them in the hard war, we will overcome them in the soft war also.


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