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Changes in Turkey’s Foreign Policies/ a Merge in the Euro-Atlantic Structures

Changes in Turkey’s Foreign Policies/ a Merge in the Euro-Atlantic Structures

Dr. Bahman Shoieb discussed on Turkey’s elections saying: Turkey’s foreign policies will witness changes if Kamal Oglu is to win the elections and he will pursue proximity with the west and merging with the EU structures such as NATO and the EU.

According to Negaheno report Dr. Bahman Shoeib, expert on Euro-Asia issues described the importance of elections in Turkey saying: “Since the elections in Turkey covers both presidential and parliamentary elections it is highly significant within the political and internal atmosphere.

 Meanwhile due to the line up of political forces and the political streams within Turkey there will be considerable impacts on the fate and future of the country as well as that it can affect the orientation of the foreign policies of Turkey in the coming years.

It is highly important that in its initial stage almost all political forces have gathered together in two different groups. i.e. the formation of a coalition of the republics with the nation which is composed of a variety of parties and political streams within Turkey which is highly significant.

Particularly, that perhaps it is for the first time that the coalition of all oppositions against Mr. Erdogan have joined into a single coalition in order to pull him down from power and this is a big event and is new.

Although in the former elections the opposition tried to form this unity and coalition but it was never formed in the way that is formed today all complete and with participation of almost all the main parties that oppose the government.

Besides, the elections in Turkey can leave a considerable impact on the regional and international issues and seriously affect Turkey’s foreign policies. Basically, Mr. Erdogan’s remaining in power would mean the foreign policies that were followed in the past two decades will continue but if the opposition group come up, the conditions would change and it would affect some of the approaches and attitudes in Ankara’s foreign policies.

Therefore, it can be said that what the Economist Journals anticipated that this election will be one of importance is fully correct and this election will certainly affect Turkey’s internal fate and the regional and international issues.

The People’s Republic Party led by Mr. Gilicdar Oglu, is basically a party that pursues proximity to the west, merging with the Euro-Atlantic structures such as NATO or the EU and in fact, this has been part of its foreign policies since its inception when it was founded by Ataturk until now.

So based on its political experience over the years and based on the clear and official statements of Mr. Oglu as the leader of the coalition in opposition to Erdogan’s government it can be anticipated that if Mr. Oglu wins, we would witness changes in the foreign policies. These changes in the first stage will be related to improving relations with the western countries.

In other words, Turkey’s relations with the US and the European countries will improve unlike the policies of Erdogan that caused tensions and most likely, Mr. Oglu will pursue the issue of Turkey joining EU again and will be one of the key issues in the foreign policies of Turkey.

Traditionally, the Republican Party has no inclination to intervene in the affairs of the region surrounding Turkey therefore, it is expected that Turkey’s regional intervention in countries such as Syria, Iraq, Libya and in the Caucasian areas will decline considerably, especially, that Mr. Oglu and the opposition have always criticized the regional policies of Turkey in those countries and the region.

Nevertheless, certain changes will presumably take place in Turkey’s relation with the Arab countries. In other words, it is possible that Turkey’s relations with Qatar would undergo changes due to Erdogan Ikhwan approaches and their close relations.

Also, in the ties between Turkey and Saudi Arabia and the UAE there will be changes and also in Turkey -Russia relations we will witness changes, for Erdogan’s rival does not have good relations with Russia as Russia supports Erdogan’s election


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